Sprint 2015

Welcome to Sprint 2015: a festival of new and unusual theatre – CPT’s annual showcase of new work from the country’s most innovative theatre-makers. Performances this year included an aromatic blend of fact, fiction, tearoom and theatre exploring the controversial death of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko; a multimedia presentation exploring online identity, stealing and the controversial internet activities of Tory party chairman Grant Shapps; an acclaimed meditation on stereotypes, perceptions and fears regarding the black male.Action Hero

The festival ran from March 5 to 29, and showcased brand new work from a wide range of emerging and established artists in the field of experimental theatre. They included Andy Smith, Sue Maclaine, Christopher Brett Bailey, Ira Brand, Action Hero (pictured, below) On the Run, Coney and many more.

Since its inception in 1997 as a showcase for ‘physical, visual and unusual theatre’, Sprint has continued to grow in scope and reputation. Companies who found early success at Sprint include Unlimited Theatre, Cartoon de Salvo, Fevered Sleep and Shunt. More recently, the festival has featured the work of Idle Motion, Made In China, Paper Birds, Stoke Newington International Airport and Search Party.

Shows in this Festival