Sprint Digital 2021

Sprint is the UK’s best established festival of alternative theatre, and probably the longest-running. It’s been staged at CPT every year since 1997. But never online – until now!

Sprint Digital is one week of spectacular, shape-shifting online performance. Programmed via open call as a companion to our in-person Sprint festival this September, it features live-streams, audio projects and on-demand viewing for those with a taste for the new and unusual.

From Joan of Arc via genderqueer lip-syncing and a clown duo starved of their audience, to a critically acclaimed (“one hell of a ride”) piece of PowerPoint theatre from Australia, Sprint Digital is what happens when theatre’s most restless innovators get their hands on your home entertainment…

Shows in this Festival

Mon 31 May, 2021 to Sun 6 Jun, 2021

Presented by: Clara Potter-Sweet & Eve Allin

This is for everyone who couldn’t make it to the end of their sentence. If I Have To Repeat Myself … exhumes the legacy of Joan of Arc and the misogyny that runs through it.

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Mon 31 May, 2021 to Sun 6 Jun, 2021

Presented by: Theodora van der Beek

If boys don’t cry, do they dry up? Aimed at those identifying as male but open to anyone with an onion, an invitation to explore your own relationship to crying.

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Tue 1 Jun, 2021 to Tue 8 Jun, 2021

Presented by: Pony Cam

A smash-hit in Australia, this charming, whimsical and unexpectedly intense interactive theatre work is made and experienced entirely on Microsoft PowerPoint

Tickets £10

Wed 2 Jun, 2021 to Wed 9 Jun, 2021

Presented by: Sophie Warren

Join retro fitness guru SANDY SAND on the workout of a lifetime. Flex those muscles, stretch those thighs... An interactive Zoom comedy about living with a lifelong illness.

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Thu 3 Jun, 2021 to Thu 10 Jun, 2021

Presented by: Vroom Theatre

An enchanting yet overwhelming first-person digital performance allowing the audience to taste their loneliness and cyber-existence through the eyes of a GenZ female user

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Fri 4 Jun, 2021 to Fri 11 Jun, 2021

Presented by: Julia Masli & Viggo Venn

This part street-show, part film, part documentary captures a true story of clowns trying to do their job during the pandemic, when no one is out to play.

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Sat 5 Jun, 2021 to Sat 12 Jun, 2021

Presented by: Matt Powell

Cher’s 1978 TV special meets The Judy Garland Show with a dash of Wandavision as Anatomy tries to figure out who they are.

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Sun 6 Jun, 2021 to Sun 13 Jun, 2021

Presented by: Palomar Theatre & Artists

Enter a labyrinth of surreal stories that explore the modern world’s fascination with watching women. An online experience combining video, animation and music for you to unravel.

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