With support from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Camden People’s Theatre, Itch Collective is proud to present SKINNED:LIVE, an interdisciplinary festival addressing, undressing and redressing themes of identity, layers and representation.

This three-day live art spectacular focuses on providing a platform for emerging artists and creating discussion around the topic of identity, rebirth and skin. SKINNED:LIVE is a unique opportunity to discover new work and performance, and celebrate diversity and experimental art forms, in a rich and immersive live art experience that is brought together by the theme of skin- and what lies underneath.


Shows in this Festival

Sun 3 Jun, 2018

SKINNED:LIVE breaks out with rainbow-splattered latex pools, high tech haptic suits and a night of blood and burlesque in a live art take on looking beneath the surface.

Presented by: Itch Collective

Mon 4 Jun, 2018

Night two of SKINNED:LIVE erupts into sound with spoken word, slam poetry and spandex symphonies; in a battle cry against fixed identities and impossible ideals.

Presented by: Itch Collective

Tue 5 Jun, 2018

SKINNED:LIVE draws to a close with bionic bounds into the world of post-humanism and second skins. Examine the evolution of aging, jump into projected robotics and uncover glass-shattering new tricks.

Presented by: by Itch Collective