Off Season 2019

Shows in this Festival

Wed 26 Jun, 2019 to Fri 28 Jun, 2019

Presented by: Night Train Theatre Company

A Ukrainian classic about propaganda, dreams, and magical geese: 13-year-old Maklena fights to lift her family out of abject poverty. Told through puppetry and original music.

Tickets £14/12 (conc.)

Sat 29 Jun, 2019 to Sun 30 Jun, 2019

Presented by: Company of Ten

A highly-acclaimed one act play about workplace bullying. Following successful runs in France, Belgium and Switzerland, this is the play’s English language premiere.

Tickets £14/10 (conc.)

Tue 2 Jul, 2019 to Sat 6 Jul, 2019

Presented by: 5Go Theatre Co.

Eugene Ionesco's Theatre of the Absurd, darkly comic "tragedy of language" strikes a chord with the times we live in...

Tickets £12/8 (conc.)

Tue 2 Jul, 2019 to Sat 6 Jul, 2019

Presented by: Multiverse

Give us a suggestion and we’ll create a musical theatre story. Then we’ll visit another reality where one change makes a difference.

Tickets £12/8 (conc.)

until Sun 7 Jul, 2019

Presented by: Imprology

Love Explosion: Take part or observe a string of courageous people improvising for two minutes with a random partner. Crunch: Watch unusual, enchanting, tragicomic, dramatic or absurd stories coming to life from your suggestions.

Tickets £5

Mon 8 Jul, 2019 to Sat 20 Jul, 2019

Presented by: Struts & Frets Theatre Company

Roll up! Roll up! For an all-female rollercoaster ride of high-energy comedy, puppetry, music and boxing With Punch and Judy as the sleuthsome twosome take down the Victorian patriarchy in Scandal!

Tickets £12/10 (conc.)

Sun 8 Dec, 2019 to Mon 9 Dec, 2019

Presented by: CT Company - East15 Acting School

Sketches sketched, stunts accomplished, songs sung, taboos shattered: an entertaining and risky parody event from which acts including PoliceCops, Late Night Gimp Fight and Battleacts have emerged...

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)