Camden Fringe 2018

Shows in this Festival

Mon 30 Jul, 2018 to Sun 5 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Molodyi Teatr London

A reflection on loss and memory based on true stories from the war in Ukraine. Combining documentary theatre and music, the show asks what remains when someone dies in war.

Tickets £8/6(concessions)

Mon 30 Jul, 2018 to Tue 31 Jul, 2018

Presented by: Morning People and 7th Function

Maria and Chris are on a journey together, but still looking for the destination. After an augment Chris goes missing and Maria knows that something is wrong. What he experiences is something incomprehensible and as he makes sense of it, his life begins to make more sense.

Tickets £10/8.50 (conc.)

Tue 31 Jul, 2018 to Wed 1 Aug, 2018

Presented by: StoneCrabs Theatre Company

Years after being forced to leave his rural town, Tieta returns with the promise to transform the town’s fortunes, but there is a condition attached to her charity: her quest for justice. Is Tieta’s call for justice, also an attempt at revenge?

Tickets £12/10 (conc.)

Wed 1 Aug, 2018

Presented by: The Orange Works

‘Trans Pennine’ is a funny, fast-paced, and emotional play about family disagreements, gender-identity, and caravan holidays. Dad is angry, Ben is Amy, Mum is in the margarine tub.

Tickets £8

Thu 2 Aug, 2018 to Tue 21 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Clare Rebekah Pointing

A solo show, six different women. These ‘talking heads’ style monologues will make you laugh and cringe as we share a glimpse’s into these women’s daily lives, warts and all.

Tickets £10/7.50 (conc.)

Thu 2 Aug, 2018 to Sat 4 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Leo Mates

Brand new character comedy about world famous playwright, author, and bee wrangler, Hector Dunderbridge, who is unveiling his latest show, whilst also dealing with his burning hatred for Orlando Bloom.

Tickets £9

Fri 3 Aug, 2018 to Sat 4 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Kira Golightly

An original absurdist black comedy exploring human connection in the 21st century.

Tickets £8/6 (conc.)

Sun 5 Aug, 2018

Presented by: The London Rep

A comedic and heartfelt exploration of class, politics and grief in a brand new collection of sketches, monologues, a short play and a short film screening with Q&A.

Tickets £15/12 conc.

Mon 6 Aug, 2018 to Sat 11 Aug, 2018

Presented by: 70:30

Two strangers share a room. Once inside, they cannot leave. As reality slowly distorts itself, this encounter becomes a darkly funny commentary on the toxic nature of the male psyche.

Tickets £12/10 (conc.)

Mon 6 Aug, 2018 to Wed 8 Aug, 2018

Presented by: The Florence Theatre Company

Danny sleeps rough. He enjoys drinking and chatting shit. Join him as you experience the anarchic energy of the Occupy movement through carol singing, outraged chanting and Anonymous masks.

Tickets £10/8 (conc.)

Thu 9 Aug, 2018 to Sun 12 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Two Pale Ladies

Far away in mystical Milton Keynes, Lucy is cursed with terrible embarrassment. On-the-brink of becoming 43, she must cure the curse tonight or forever be flushed in the face.

Tickets £10/8 (conc.)

Sun 12 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Mia Johnson

A multi-disciplinary solo show exploring female masculinity, lesbianism and gender identity partly inspired by the rebellious butches of the early 20th Century and beyond.

Tickets £8

Mon 13 Aug, 2018 to Tue 14 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Rough Stock Theatre Company

Inspired by a true story, Bullarena is a tale of identity and how we choose to follow the truth behind ours.

Tickets £7/5 (conc.)

Mon 13 Aug, 2018 to Wed 15 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Seventh Sense Theatre

What happens when a soldier comes home, but not ‘home? Newly devised and written, Memory Soldier is a story of relationships in extreme circumstances, both on duty and beyond.

Tickets £8/6 (conc.)

Wed 15 Aug, 2018

Presented by: LK Productions

A poetic play adapted from Lauren Kaye's debut collection 'I'm All In’. A love triangle told through her intimate and semi-biopic poems about attraction, amour, adulation and abhor.

Tickets £7/5 (conc.)

Thu 16 Aug, 2018 to Sat 18 Aug, 2018

Presented by: BATTLEAXE Theatre

Suspended beneath the earth’s crust five contemporary and historical warriors are pushed to their limits. Each brings their own history, but they train together to prepare for their battles ahead.

Tickets £10/8 (conc.)

Thu 16 Aug, 2018 to Sat 18 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Yoga Mahny Productions

This Yoga tragi-comedy will have you in stitches, in tears and tied up in knots. This is Yoga on Speed! Meet Shri Shri LA's most neurotic yoga teacher.

Tickets £15/12.50 (conc.)

Sun 19 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Theatre East N Bull

The Parade is one of the most sophisticated contemporary texts of our time written by the Greek playwright Loula Anagnostaki. It is almost a warning about humanity’s inability to learn from past mistakes of war, fascism and their horror, thus repeating it over and over again. It is an intriguing play which is also very topical and universal.

Tickets £15/12 (conc.)

Sun 19 Aug, 2018 to Sun 26 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Loquitur Theatre

Fémage a Trois returns with another dark, touching and hilarious trilogy of stories. Caught in a time almost unrecognisable, three women battle with their demons and the consequences of their situation.

Tickets £12/8 (conc.)

Mon 20 Aug, 2018 to Sat 25 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Tiny Room

It’s closing time at the local pub. It has been another day of the same for the barman Chris who needs an escape. The night is far from over though, as he is visited by some of the pub’s regulars. All feeling like disappointments in their own lives, they embark on a ​lock in of raised glasses and lower expectations.

Tickets £10.50/8.50 (conc.)

Wed 22 Aug, 2018 to Thu 23 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Fingers Crossed Theatre Company

1940. The last Kindertransport to escape the German forces has arrived in England. 3 friends. 7 decades. 1 tube ride. Mind the gap please between the past and the future.

Tickets £10/8 (conc.)

Sat 25 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Norman aka the Dapper Rapper

New show from ex-Spitting Image writer Norman aka Dapper Rapper. Is all News Fake? Should opponents of Free Speech be locked up? Spoken Word Satirist Norman will reveal all!

Tickets £7.50/5 (conc.)

Sun 26 Aug, 2018

Presented by: Theatre East N Bull

Two Lost in a Filthy Night is a very topical play by the contemporary Brazilian playwright Plinio Marcos. It is about two immigrants who try to survive in an alien world. They constantly fight and argue with each other while trying to stay alive in a foreign city. We witness their struggle to keep on going as well as their longings and dreams.

Tickets £15/12 (conc.)