Autumn Season 2019

Orson Welles made Citizen Kane. Aretha Franklin recorded Respect. Alexander the Great conquered Persia. They were 25 at the time. CPT is 25 this year. How can we possibly measure up?

This is how. With a killer festival, Handle with Care, exploring the myths and the reality behind ‘generation snowflake’. With our first ever made-for-CPT Christmas shows – big-hitting festive offerings from two extraordinary companies, Sh!t Theatre (Dollywould, Letters to Windsor House, Women’s Hour) and She-Goat (DoppelDänger). With homecomings for CPT’s best-loved artists – Chris Goode(Walk Pause Walk) , Hannah Maxwell (I, AmDram), La John Joseph (A Generous Lover) – and debuts from the UK’s most exciting new theatre-making talent.

And with brand new work from the 5* creators of High Rise eState of MindBeats & Elements, collaborating with local residents as part of borough-wide arts programme Camden Alive.

It’s taken a quarter-century to get to this point – where mind-blowing new performance meets the stories that Camden and its people want to tell. We’re delighted to have arrived here – and we really hope you’ll join us.

Autumn 2019 ticket offers:

Early Bird: book before midnight on Thursday 1 August for tickets at just £7.50 (hurry, this offer is limited!)

Season pass: book 3 or more shows as part of the festival and receive a 10% discount, book 5 or more to receive 20% off.

Double bill: book two different shows on the same night for just £16 (£8 each!) For all of the above offers simply add your tickets to the basket and we’ll do the rest.


Shows in this Festival

Thu 19 Sep, 2019 to Sat 21 Sep, 2019

Presented by: Hannah Sullivan

A performance reading of ‘AIDA’, a street singer, a keener and a folk singer in a woven story on song.

Tickets £8 (work-in-progress)

Thu 19 Sep, 2019 to Sat 21 Sep, 2019

Presented by: La John Joseph

Somewhere between a séance and a recital, this is the true, and very queer tale, of one soul’s journey through the wasteland of mental illness to deliver their lost love.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Sun 22 Sep, 2019

Presented by: dangerously loose

April 2019. The Searcher is facing an existential crisis, but so is the world. In the paralysing epicentre of personal, political and ecological collapse, can love lend us a hand?

Tickets £8 (work-in-progress)

Tue 24 Sep, 2019 to Thu 26 Sep, 2019

Presented by: Vic Llewellyn

After the success of The Castle Builder, Vic Llewellyn returns with this acclaimed solo show about mass hysteria. Original songs by Kid Carpet, plus tiny objects, torches and an Invisible Gorilla

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 24 Sep, 2019 to Wed 25 Sep, 2019

Presented by: James Varney

A live band and narrative poem born from the fire in our hearts for Prince George.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Thu 26 Sep, 2019 to Sat 28 Sep, 2019

Presented by: Sharklegs

Robox was programmed with one ambition. To fulfil your every need. Welcome to the Fulfilment Centre. Let Robox deliver your journey to fulfilment. (Next day delivery also available.)

Tickets £12/10 (concession)

Fri 27 Sep, 2019 to Sat 28 Sep, 2019

Presented by: Yana Penrose

A work-in-progress, Daddy Issues explores the complexities of growing up fatherless in a world where you could really do with a helping hand.

Tickets £8 (work-in-progress)

Fri 27 Sep, 2019 to Sat 28 Sep, 2019

Presented by: I Swear I Saw This

A researcher recounts a journey to the frozen south. It is 200 years after Frankenstein, the ice is thawing, and science is still dancing with the problem of death.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 1 Oct, 2019 to Wed 2 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Nour-Ani Sisserian

You are invited to Saida’s 25th birthday party. There will be cake, music and presents. But who is Saida?

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 1 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Jenny Swingler

I went out to the film the storm is about natural disasters, Sonic the hedgehog, Ted Bundy and melting ice. ‘The writing is like new paint’ (Tim Crouch)

Tickets £8 (work-in-progress)

Wed 2 Oct, 2019 to Fri 4 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Tom Marshman

Tom Marshman blends creative technology, music and projection in this one man show as he retraces the forgotten true story of a young local man arrested for gross indecency.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Thu 3 Oct, 2019 to Sat 5 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Joshua Coates

What happens when a fanatic begins mistrusting what they adore? Josh battles with the consequences of being let down by what you look up to most.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Thu 3 Oct, 2019 to Fri 4 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Plaster Cast Theatre

Two transgender performers say “up yours!” to the binary, inviting you to their riotous dance party! Set in nightclubs, this radical verbatim show confronts the cisgender gaze on transgender bodies. See the beauty in these bodies- and yourself.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Sat 5 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Curated by Joshua Coates

A living, breathing fanzine in honour of St Vincent.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Sun 6 Oct, 2019 to Mon 7 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Tale Be Told Theatre

Verbatim-led tragicomedy shaped by the experiences of homeless families living in temporary accommodation. The human truth behind the brutal statistics, staged as part of The One Festival of Homeless Arts.

Tickets Pay What You Can

Tue 8 Oct, 2019 to Wed 9 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Pat Ashe & Thomas Martin

London’s only curated night of theatre and video games returns! Celebrate its TENTH iteration with an extra-special two-night programme of cutting edge performance and play.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Thu 10 Oct, 2019 to Sat 12 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Trip Hazards

Jasmine and Nikhil are in a room with a mat, trying to win at Dance Dance Revolution. A playful and painful dance-theatre odyssey exploring how friendship survives when we win and when we lose.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Thu 10 Oct, 2019 to Fri 11 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Rosa Postlethwaite

Through subversive humour, Composed interrogates theatre rituals, fantasy and institutional violence and plays with what happens when the composition cracks.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Sat 12 Oct, 2019

Presented by: FLIM NITE

Smash-hit pop culture cabaret FLIM NITE returns with another distorted adaptation of a popular film interpreted through theatre, comedy, music, poetry and games! Expect ridiculousness, wild-eyed enthusiasm, irreverence and fun.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 15 Oct, 2019 to Wed 16 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Grace Gibson

Inspired by a personal catastrophe,  Quietly Spoken Chaos is a show about holding it together, England’s ‘stiff upper-lip’, and what happens when we avoid saying how we really feel.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 15 Oct, 2019 to Wed 16 Oct, 2019

Presented by: CARL

After a sold out performance at Sprint 2019, Forbruker is back! In an electric fusion of clown, lip sync, drag, and advertisement, this one-woman advert break explores the battle for identity in a capitalist world.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Thu 17 Oct, 2019 to Sat 19 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Matty May

Matty May was conceived during a drunken one night stand on his Nan’s settee, since then he has tried to kill himself three times. An uncomfortable and funny show about rage, suicide and mental health.

Tickets £8 (work-in-progress)

Fri 18 Oct, 2019 to Sat 19 Oct, 2019

Presented by: Gameshow

Nuclear Future shines a light on how one individual’s actions can effect catastrophe for the whole planet. “Breathtaking in its scope, illuminating and horrifying” - Narc online

Tickets £15/£10 (concession)

Wed 30 Oct, 2019

Presented by: STAMP

The workshops will cover the necessary building blocks of a successful campaign, including setting the right goals, effectively telling your story, creating manageable rewards, and building your community.

Tickets £5

Mon 11 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Various artists

An explosive night of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 12 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Camden People's Theatre

As we enter the final season of our anniversary year, we're marking the occasion with a one-off birthday party extravaganza. We’ve commissioned some of CPT’s best-loved artists to create a brand-new performance, to be shared with you for one night only.

Tickets £50

Wed 13 Nov, 2019 to Sat 16 Nov, 2019

Presented by: What a Little Bird Told Me

A hilarious, heart-breaking and uplifting show about friendship and loneliness that asks why history is always told by the boys? Rachel tells the true story of the dancing plague to find some answers.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Wed 13 Nov, 2019 to Thu 14 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Sea Sharp

When an extra-terrestrial is routinely rejected and mistreated, things get carried away on their journey for self-care. This show spins a delicate web that is both playful and dangerous.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Fri 15 Nov, 2019 to Sat 16 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Neal Pike & Matt Miller

Five Years recounts the time that Neal Pike spent at a special educational needs school from 1998-2002. A show about school, escaping and a world that puts you into boxes.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 19 Nov, 2019 to Wed 20 Nov, 2019

Presented by: The Queer House

From childhood co-stars, through teenage rebellion, a moving and powerful autobiographical account about growing up queer in the mid-noughties, finding yourself, and losing a friend.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 19 Nov, 2019 to Wed 20 Nov, 2019

Presented by: The Queer House

Token Toni loves a bitta bashment and only dates Black/Brown womxn, my barber holds the cure to my lesbian urges and straight womxn are like junk food.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Thu 21 Nov, 2019 to Fri 22 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Demi Nandhra

A performance about mental illness, suicide and radical cure attempts. Expect a selfish woman, her reluctant-shy-doesn't-want-to-be-there partner, a f***ton of bananas, holy water and the one and only, Yoko Ono.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Thu 21 Nov, 2019 to Sat 23 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Big Boots Theatre Company

A revitalised version of Big Boots’ 2018 Living Latino, Moonlight Strangers presents the devised work of queer migrants residing in London, who have emigrated to this part of the world looking for a better quality of life.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Sat 23 Nov, 2019 to Sun 24 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Matt Miller & Peader Kirk

A theatrical genderqueer glamour fest, Sprinkled with magic. Fitting is a theatre show about Matt’s adventures in dresses and suits, visibility and invisibility, and has some magic tricks up its sleeve.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Mon 25 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Various artists

An explosive night of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 26 Nov, 2019 to Sat 30 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Hannah Maxwell

Returning by popular demand - I, AmDram minds the gap between the identities we assert and the places we leave, be they hometowns, cultural inheritances or amateur dramatic societies

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 26 Nov, 2019 to Thu 28 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Alex Roberts

A solo performance about violence in LGBTQ+ nightlife spaces. Mixing poetry, dance and music, it asks; are clubs still the place queers can call home?

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Fri 29 Nov, 2019 to Sat 30 Nov, 2019

Presented by: Jo Tyabji

Motherland is a visceral full bodied dragged up howl of a show exploring nationalism, identity and our ability to speak out. In an era of India Rising and people Taking Back Britain, this is a show that asks: who are you, first? Produced in association with Milk Presents (BULLISH, JOAN) and supported by Arts Council England, In Good Company, The Bush and Battersea Arts Centre.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 3 Dec, 2019 to Sat 21 Dec, 2019

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

A two-woman 100% faithful, word-by-word* remake of the Christmas film we all hate to love: 'Love Actually'. A new Christmas show for grown-ups by award-winning ‘rising stars of performance art’ (Telegraph) Sh!t Theatre.

Tickets £15/£10 (concession)

Tue 3 Dec, 2019 to Thu 5 Dec, 2019

Presented by: Alex Legge

Loner is part comedy gig, part pop concert, part collective-karaoke-catharsis. It’s a solo, one-woman, stand-alone performance about loneliness.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Fri 6 Dec, 2019 to Sat 7 Dec, 2019

Presented by: Lucy Hutson & Claire Nolan

Bound  is a show about the slippery nature of identities, the ones you give yourself, the ones forced onto you and the ones that were once strong and now you are just clinging on to.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Tue 10 Dec, 2019 to Sat 21 Dec, 2019

Presented by: She Goat

From the duo that brought you DoppelDänger, late-night radio of bold live music and reckless shape pulling. A coffee-fuelled ode to the kinds of love we don’t talk about. Love in the in-between.

Tickets £12/£10 (concession)

Mon 16 Dec, 2019

Presented by: Barrel Organ

Barrel Organ’s regular scratch night; presenting experimental and non-traditional work from under-represented artists that is all about play, audiences and the ‘liveness’ of theatre. 

Tickets £5