All The Right Notes 2016

Is it a gig? Is it a show? Welcome to our all-new festival All the Right Notes, which brings together trailblazing work from the place where theatre and live music meet.

It’s a festival featuring not only theatre-makers whose work is driven by live music, but music acts whose work is audaciously theatrical. They’ll be meeting in the middle, splicing for your delight the hothouse thrill of live music and the buzz of inventive contemporary theatre.

With shows including Mingbeast’s Awful Things Can Happen At Any Time, Rachel Mars’ Our Carnal Hearts and Will Dickie’s The Rave Space, plus a strand of work exploring music fandom and a live music programme curated by journalist and DJ Joe Muggs, All the Right Notes brings you a blistering bulletin from the blurred lines where live music and theatre converge.

As somebody once said, “all art constantly aspires towards the condition of music”. Well, we’ve only bloody well got there, haven’t we?


Shows in this Festival