Past Shows

Presented by: Changing Face Collective

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A verbatim play revealing the human stories behind the hyper-regeneration of London.

Presented by: SoundBoxed Collective

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. Welcome to London’s first ever pop-up temple... come construction site.

Presented by: Coney

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. An acclaimed exploration of our relationship to the financial system and the crisis.

Presented by: Louise Orwin

Louise started noticing girls and guns everywhere. She began to wonder what it was about that coupling that was so attractive...

Presented by: CRANK Theatre

The amazing untrue story of Harriet Hartley, the forgotten genius of early British cinema

Presented by: Eilidh MacAskill

A solo performance about penis envy, masculinity, horses and DIY

Presented by: Katy Dye

A work-in-progress exploring stereotypical images of female infantilisation

Presented by: Simon Maeder & Adam El Hagar

A brand new show about hiphop’s most notorious pranksters

Presented by: Jack Dean

A story for anyone who ever dreamed of a different world

Presented by: Nicola Canavan and Dawn Felicia Knox

Talk / video event to accompany exhibition of images reclaiming the vagina

Presented by: Presented by TheatreState.

A show about false memories, father figures and the failure of the left wing.

Presented by: Barrel Organ.

A brand new show from a multi-award winning young company. Developed at and supported by CPT.

Presented by: Barrel Organ

For one weekend only, see Barrel Organ like you've never seen them before.

Presented by: Documental Theatre.

Acclaimed show inspired by frank and often funny accounts of parents from Bournemouth Drug Treatment Centre

Presented by: Presented by Owl Young.

A cross between a TED-talk and a coming-of-age action thriller.

Presented by: Presented by Emma Frankland, Keir Cooper & Último Comboio.

An anarchic exploration of the novel, containing incredible visual imagery, live music and dance

Presented by: Displace Yourself Theatre.

A story about belonging and an exploration of life without nationality.

Presented by: Grace Gibson.

A playful solo performance that dissects the point when it all goes wrong.

Presented by: Lewys Holt.

Dance-storytelling-comedy performance exploring what it means to be cool

Presented by: LaPelle's Factory

A mysterious journey through old films, pop delusions and odd expressions of love

Presented by: Presented by This Theatre.

Smash Edinburgh Fringe hit, which also won the Pulse Suitcase Prize 2015

Presented by: Presented by Leo Burtin.

The story of an unremarkable woman, who every day, sat down to record the facts of her life in a diary, until one summer day, she chose her own death

Presented by: Presented by Cape Theatre.

In a commentary on self-help culture and celebrity obsession, two performers strive to find out how to make an audience love them

Presented by: Presented by Josh Coates.

Part of 'Fitter Happier More Productive': a selection of cutting-edge artists respond to the cult of self-betterment.

Presented by: humanish.

A 'humanette' puppet comedy starring the Holy Trinity at home for Christmas

Presented by: Presented by Zoe Murtagh & Victoria Copeland.

An uplifting performance about panic attacks based on personal experience and shared stories

Presented by: Presented by Grist to the Mill.

A tender examination of death and rebirth. Part of Suspense Festival.

Presented by: Presented by Precious Cargo

A slick, intelligent exploration of how we cope in an increasingly pressurised world

Presented by: Presented by Katie Jackson.

Taking modern notions of happiness and poking them with a stick

Presented by: Coney, curated by William Drew.

An evening of playing theatre and artful games

Presented by: Walrus.

Lemons won three prizes at this year's National Student Drama Festival.

Presented by: Various Artists

An explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge.

Presented by: Thomas Martin and Pat Ashe.

Videogames [in one hand]. Performance [in the other]. [Both hands together.] 'Boom' [explosion mime].

Presented by: Annie Siddons

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. Five years ago in the middle of a shitstorm of life events, single mother, proud Londoner and theatremaker Annie Siddons found herself living in suburbia by accident...

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre and friends

Presented by: Barrel Organ

For one weekend only, see Barrel Organ like you've never seen them before.

Presented by: Barrel Organ

For one weekend only, see Barrel Organ like you've never seen them before.

Presented by: Outspoken Arts

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. Activism and individualism collide over soya lattes, jerk chicken, planning applications and pop-up vintage shops. Welcome to Brixton.

Presented by: Displace Yourself

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A dystopian parable of homelessness and social division set in the year 2044.

Presented by: Camden People's Theatre

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A docu-absurdist panorama of London's housing crisis, created for this festival by a crack team of CPT artists.

Presented by: Falls the Shadow

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A deeply personal, explorative performance about what it means to call somewhere “home”

Presented by: Hobo Theatre

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A live action roleplay game about housing, social cleansing and a sense of community in London

Presented by: Write by Numbers

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A playful, epic and urgent exploration of urban regeneration, gentrification and what makes us call a place ‘home’

Presented by: Tit4Tat

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. Political theatre meets cabaret as six variety acts address different aspects of gentrification

Presented by: Rough Triangle

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A devised performance created around architecture, construction and identity

Presented by: Annemiek van Elst

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A performance about homelessness and belonging, based on real experiences whilst sleeping rough

Presented by: Beats&Elements

Curated especially for Whose London Is It Anyway?, a one-off night of spoken word, rap, writing & performance on the changing face of London

Presented by: Various artists

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. An explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge...

Presented by: Various artists

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. The place to see wild & wonderful new projects take their first steps...

Presented by: Tanya Singh, Rachel Baker and Becky Coles

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. An exploration of the theatricality of activism and the covert politics of participatory art

Presented by: Venice as a Dolphin

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. Join us for a workshop exploring local radio, the first step in creating a new artist-developed community radio station at CPT

Presented by: FYSA Theatre

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. Acclaimed re-telling of a national issue, and how one group of women refused to be marginalized

Presented by: Emilia Weber and Claire Healy

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A politically charged portrait of the urban landscape.

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A loophole in the Postal Services Act says you can open other people’s mail under certain circumstances. This is that certain circumstance...

Presented by: Rachael Clerke

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A satirical drag eulogy for a world past its use-by-date.

Presented by: You Should See The Other Guy

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. The inside story of the Focus E15 Open House Occupation of empty council houses in East London

Presented by: Tiffany Murphy and Tina Nanaki

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. An exploration of the victory of the Long Live Southbank campaign, and the nature of public space

Presented by: Tom Bolton

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A journey through events that have transformed the area from farmland into diverse urban landscape.

Presented by: Permanently Visible

Part of Whose London is It Anyway. A reclamation of the red phone box, reopening a dwindling channel of communication

Presented by: Coney

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A playday and salon on public space.

Presented by: Luke Barnes and Brad Birch

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A live podcast recording discussing our modern relationship with happiness.

Presented by: Various artists

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. Join us for a night of documentary films addressing London's changing landscape

Presented by: Luisa Amorim

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A surreal show depicting the life of a London family with a 5-year old daughter

Presented by: Richard DeDomenici

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A making workshop and funeral procession to reflect and mourn together on the negative consequences of regeneration

Presented by: Theatre Témoin

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. A dark and imaginative piece about a boy struggling to navigate the back-alleys of London, and of his own mind.

Presented by: Vincent Gambini

This is Not a Magic Show is a performance of and about sleight-of-hand magic: its invisible mechanics, its clichés, and what it tells us about live theatre and make- believe.

Presented by: Undercurrent and CPT

An arresting new production based on the life of George Price (1922-1975), presented within yards from where Price lived, worked and died.

Presented by: Coney

REMOTE arrives to help your city become more the place of your dreams.

Presented by: Thomas Martin

Human Basic is the second story-show from Thomas Martin, creator of the award-winning Professional Supervision (or, how Johnny Knoxville's consciousness traveled from the future to live inside my teenage head).

Presented by: Fuel and Will Adamsdale

The Joke is a new play from comedy award winner Will Adamsdale - and company - exploring jokes and why we tell them, countries and why we need (and despair of) them, and life and why we bother. And tic tacs.

Presented by: Buzzcut

A day of events by wild and exceptional Scotland-based artists.

Presented by:

Part of a series of talks presented with Londonist, as part of Whose London Is It Anyway?

Presented by:

Part of a series of talks presented with Londonist, as part of Whose London Is It Anyway?

Presented by:

Part of a series of talks presented with Londonist, as part of Whose London Is It Anyway?

Presented by:

Part of a series of talks presented with Londonist, as part of Whose London Is It Anyway?

Presented by:

Part of a series of talks presented with Londonist, as part of Whose London Is It Anyway?

Presented by:

Part of a series of talks presented with Londonist, as part of Whose London Is It Anyway?

Presented by:

Part of a series of talks presented with Londonist, as part of Whose London Is It Anyway?

Presented by: Nick Cassenbaum

Bubble Schmeisis is full of intimate and personal true stories about identity, home and getting schmeised (washed) by old men.

Presented by: Jack Britton

1.9 climbs bravely into the memories of a young man traversing the cityscapes of his hometown.

Presented by: Jamal Harewood

A solo participatory performance event exploring race, community and the identity of the working class citizen within today’s society.

Presented by: Thomas Martin and Pat Ashe

Beta Public Presents the newest work at the intersection of performance and play.

Presented by: Hannah Ballou

goo:ga is a comedy special by a very pregnant woman.

Presented by: Luca Rutherford

Written and performed by Luca Rutherford. Learning How To Die asks what scares us about dying, and how can we use that fear to drive our living actions.

Presented by: Daniel Bye

Written and performed by Daniel Bye. An urgent, fantastical story from the front line of an epidemic.

Presented by: Zoo Indigo

No Woman’s Land is a humorous and moving stagger through landscapes of past and present stories.

Presented by: Tetrad Collective

Scratch Night

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

What happens when women are given just one hour a day to think about what it is to be a woman?

Presented by: Hannah Nicklin

Equations for a Moving Body is a new piece of theatre about endurance sport by Hannah Nicklin.

Presented by: The Hiccup Project

The show is a celebration of friendship; of love and lust in all their messy, confusing and hilarious forms.

Presented by: Eggs Collective

Late Night Love is an investigation into how the combination of power ballads and intimate adult phone-ins impact our expectations of life and relationships.

Presented by: Ivo

A new play exploring the relationship between citizens and the state in light of our knowledge of contemporary surveillance practices.

Presented by: UCLU Musical Theatre Society

Possessed is set in the bohemian art world of 19th Century London - based on the story of Jane Burden, wife of designer William Morris and muse of Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Presented by: UCLU Graters

UCL’s first comedy festival.

Presented by: UCLU Jazz Society

‘What the funk is jazz?’ is a musical production that aims to explore the concept of jazz and trace its influences through three movements: funk/hip-hop, electronica and modern jazz.

Presented by: Various artists

Part of Whose London Is It Anyway. An explosion of new, in-progress performance exploring the themes of the festival

Presented by: TheatreDeli Sheffield

A night showcasing brand new work by five theatre makers from Sheffield

Presented by: UCLU Drama Society

A dark comedy about money, greed, and human morality. A Jacobean drama involving deceit and disguise, updated in a modern setting.

Presented by: RL/P

A performance devised around concepts of clarity, hyper awareness, and the sublime, At One Point. is something between a long hard look in the mirror and sudden realisation in the middle of the night.

Presented by: Lab Collective

It’s Not All Rocket Ships and Poetry is a playful, interactive piece about how we remember life changing events

Presented by: Atresbandes

The idea that we are all searching for our own ultimate paradise is explored through the meeting and interactions of three strangers on a train – they don’t realise that they will die in one hour.

Presented by: Odd Comic

My Champion Heartache is a performance inspired by people and their experiences of pet ownership.

Presented by: Thom Jordan

Combining the true stories of Thom's life growing up a minister's son with that of a Mega Pentecostal preacher caught up in a cancerous lie, this sermon-esque experience explores faith and truth

Presented by: Tina Nanaki

A fantastical retelling of Tina Nanakini’s walk from her flat in London to her childhood home in Lincolnshire

Presented by: Gur Arie Piepskovitz

In a world of sex, violence, fast cars, and horses, what would a unicorn do?

Presented by: Conrad Murray

Autobiographical one man show. Told though rapping, beatboxing and Shakespeare.

Presented by: In Bed With My Brother

Three ladies in their twenties tell the story of a former DJ in Manchester’s acid house scene, with music from the era. Lots of dancing, great music and great vibes - hyper, happy, reflective escapism.

Presented by: Two Destination Language

Declining solo will be an exploration of how we remain present in our relationships, with our loved ones, with those closest to us, with those who we most often somehow forget to really engage.

Presented by: Matthew Robins

A cardboard science fiction puppet monster movie performed live in front of your eyes, a live music rock-opera with paper monsters and

Presented by: Katharine Rose Williams Radojicic & Trevor A Toussaint

It is a show about seeing, and being seen. It is about similarities, not differences.

Presented by: Ding & sich

An intelligent, low key, off-beat meditation on bodies and desires, living and longing.

Presented by: Gameshow & Emily Lim

This is a show about growing up - what it’s like growing up, how it feels being a grown up, and what people who aren’t grown up yet want to know about being grown up.

Presented by: Libby Liburd

MUVVAHOOD is a one woman, verbatim theatre piece, exploring the specific emotional and economic issues surrounding single motherhood.

Presented by: Karavan Ensemble

Award winning performer Yael Karavan Reimagines our perceptions of origins in a globalized, multicultural world.

Presented by: Various Artists

An explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge…

Presented by: ThisIsNotATest

A devised piece, based on the character of Masha in Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull, exploring the relationship between identity and performance.

Presented by: Jack Kelly & Henry Maynard

A beautiful, disgusting bouffon-clown piece. Two mis-shapen freaks invite you to look into the hypocrisy of your modern life.

Presented by: Theatre Counterpoint

Don’t turn the lights on takes the audience on a journey through teenage years where movement and text are played like instruments in a musical composition. Actions deliver rhythms; images repeat; speech is dynamic.

Presented by: I am not the Copacabana Theatre

The question of national identity, does is really matter-and how much of that is still within us, without even really realizing?

Presented by: Dan Hills

This is not an egg is a task based exploration surrounding the idea of choice, using live performance in a DIY aesthetic.

Presented by: Kaleido Film Collective in collaboration with Feral Foxy Ladies

A work-in-progress which explores the diverse experiences of depression and healing through a series of sensorial multi-media portraits, using first-hand documentary material, audio-visual storytelling and solo performance.

Presented by: Joanna Griffin

Joanna Griffin swap jobs with her dad, Pat, to see what it really means to walk in another (wo)man’s shoes.

Presented by: Something Other

One-off performances of online writing. Ranging from the playful to the profound. Part curated, with spaces held open for new readers on the night.

Presented by: Various Artists

CPT's artistic development programme Starting Blocks presents a showcase of five new pieces of work, made over 10 weeks.

Presented by: Oscar Silva

An artist having amnesia tries to re-create his memory together with the audience.

Presented by: Strangeface

Dissonance is part puppet performance and part perception game; how and why do we share ideas together?

Presented by: Howl Yuan

Invisible Guest starts from a personal journey, tracing back to the origin of modern identity and self-contradiction with it.

Presented by: Hannah Sullivan

Inspired by punk, protest and psychology, With Force and Noise attempts an honest articulation of anger through a personal and artistic monologue

Presented by: Put the Book Down

An immersive theatre experience; The Conversation Box forces us to engage with the different ways in which society communicates, such as sound, light, and imagery, in a uniquely interactive environment.

Presented by: Isobel Rogers

The show uses the open mic format to play with the idea of using songs as self confessional personal stories.

Presented by: Ali Matthews & Leo Burtin

A raucous TED Talk-cum- DIY musical about our relationship with money, class, privilege and value.

Presented by: Will Dickie

There's a DJ, a dance floor, a bouncer and good sound system, and we rave together!

Presented by: Various artists

A scratch night of new work, co-curated by CPT's associate artist Jamal Harewood

Presented by: Laika Theatre

An exploration of the experiences of children in war and the playful curiosity they retain despite living in painful circumstances.

Presented by: Afreena Islam

A work-in-progress event taking place at Surma Community Centre. An exploration of a father's life; from his journey to this country to today.

Presented by: Orion Maxted

[THE MACHINE] is a proposition for thinking together. It is a laboratory for the creation of new modes of thinking together

Presented by: Gameshow and Emily Lim

People’s Theatre Award winners Gameshow and Emily Lim are making a show about growing up and they need your help.

Presented by: Barrel Organ

Curated by Barrel Organ, a night of bold, experimental and uncompromising work that tackles a wide range of issues, agendas and ideas.

Presented by: Various

A monthly experimental comedy night which functions as a playground for exciting and innovative performers, writers, and filmmakers.

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

A new work-in-progress performance of the semiotics of Dolly Parton - how the signifier has overtaken the signified.

Presented by: Battersea Arts Centre in partnership with Camden's People's Theatre

Join us to discuss the future of 'artist development' in an event that brings together early-career artists, producers and venues.

Presented by: Tin Can People

Somewhere between a live gig and theatre. Rock & Roll will never die and Tin Can People will be remembered.

Presented by: A Nation's Theatre

A chance for artists to meet venues from the Midlands and London

Presented by: A Nation's Theatre

Hosted by CPT associates Barrel Organ, this is an informal opportunity for artists to come together and play.

Presented by: Sky Blue Theatre

With faith healing, miracle bacon and flying saucer holy communion; That Catholic Thing asks, what is the true price of religion?

Presented by: Rooted Moon Theatre and CapaTaro Theatre Company

Double billed evening from 2 new theatre companies performing two brand new shows.

Presented by: Chippy Lane Productions Ltd

Chippy Lane Productions was set up to champion Welsh work beyond Wales.

Presented by: Samuel French Events

Join Paul Clayton (Chairman of The Actors Centre, with over forty years' experience as an actor himself) in conversation, to discover the essential steps to building a successful career

Presented by: Change, Grow, Live

What happens when a group of strangers find themselves confined to the basement waiting room of a doctor’s surgery?

Presented by: Chloe Stevenson & Angharad Price

Presented by: Various artists

A unique one-day festival exploring European identity.

Presented by: Various artists

A unique one-day festival exploring European identity.

Presented by: Camden Youth Theatre

A new performance created and performed by a group of teenagers from Camden.

Presented by: Various artists

Five days before the EU Referendum: a day of talks and inspiring theatre to help you make your mind up.

Presented by: RAaw London

A celebration of new writing performed by outstanding young talent.

Presented by: Will Osmond

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Naked Frank

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Box Tracy

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Emma Packer

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Faux Pas Theatre

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Heloise Werner

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Amelia Sweetland

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Dead leaf Theatre Company

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Wotever World

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Rosie Wilby

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Dead Pig Theatre

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Trim Tab Production

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Ellen Chivers

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Augustus Stephens

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Arek Spiewak

Part of Camden Fringe 2016

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

Songs, politics, dodgy landlords and detective work: a multi award-winning company's show for Generation Rent.

Presented by: Silent Faces

A show with a fierce political message and absolute ridiculousness and stupidity, in equal measure.

Presented by: Afreena Islam

An exploration into Afreena's dad's life; from his journey to this country, to his journey to this day.

Presented by: Camden People's Theatre

A day of free workshops on marketing, technical theatre and funding to help you establish yourself as an artist.

Presented by: Hobo Theatre

A live action role-play in which a group of up to 60 participants will undertake a symbolic exodus from London.

Presented by: Scott Turnbull

With felt-tip pens, and his ex-girlfriend's overhead projector, Scott Turnbull takes us on a journey through space and time.

Presented by: Documental Theatre

A fast, funny and absorbing two-hander drama inspired by candid conversations with teenage dads in Lambeth and Cornwall.

Presented by: Studio for Electronic Theatre

A staging of the original Russian dystopia, a satire, and a critique, 'WE' is high-tech 'poor theatre' that merges live visuals, movement, spoken text, and augmented reality

Presented by: Paula Varjack

A multimedia performance exploring how anyone can afford to be creative in these times of austerity

Presented by: Jamal Gerald

Inspired by a black gay experience, this autobiographical piece focuses on the ups and downs of pride and self-loathing.

Presented by: You Should See The Other Guy

An unconventional verbatim show telling the story of the political occupation of four empty council flats on Carpenters Estate.

Presented by: Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand Lesca

Inspired by the ongoing crisis in Athens and all over Europe, your hosts for the evening summon up the spirits and ideas of their favourite revolutionary leaders.

Presented by: Walrus Theatre

Walrus’ critically acclaimed sell-out show returns to CPT as part of its UK tour.

Presented by: Footprint Theatre

If someone you knew committed an unspeakable crime, did you ever really know them at all?

Presented by: Gameshow & Emily Lim, co-produced by CPT

Five children trying to understand the grown up world.

Presented by: HighRise Theatre, co-produced by CPT

A Grime concept concert that brings the truth from ground level. Expect MP rap battles, tactics for revolution and a dealers guide to inflation.

Presented by: Libby Liburd and Em-Lou Productions

A one-woman verbatim show, collated from interviews with single mums, talking about the different experiences of single motherhood in London in the “age of austerity”

Presented by: Thomas Martin and Pat Ashe

After five sell­out dates at CPT, London’s only curated night of videogames and performance returns!

Presented by: Various artists

An explosive night of works in progress and short performances. Full line up announced soon.

Presented by: Barrel Organ

A night of experimental and non-traditional work that acknowledges the presence of the audience and plays with the ‘liveness’ of theatre.

Presented by: Humanish

An absurd and endearing portrait of Christmas, like The Royle Family meets Phoenix Nights, in miniature.

Presented by: Blooming Ludus

A participatory theatre game exploring where we source our energy from and how the choices we make about energy ultimately affects our relationship to our environment and each other.

Presented by: Kaleido Film Collective in collaboration with Feral Foxy Ladies

A multi-media performance which responds to six interviews with individuals dealing with depression to uncover the unique ways they cope: from diving and sex to song.

Presented by: Kieran Lucas

Play For A White Male is an attempt to ask how and why we tell stories and whom these stories belong to.

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

Back by popular demand for two nights only, the ORIGINAL and BEST Sing-a-long Muppet Christmas Carol.

Presented by: Various artists

Three months on: a day of talks and performances to help you map the post-Brexit landscape.

Presented by: Various

Three months on: a day of talks and performances to help you map the post-Brexit landscape.

Presented by: 2Magpies

Last Resort is a show about enhanced interrogation techniques and the detention of terror suspects, disguised as an all-inclusive package holiday in a future Guantanamo Bay.

Presented by: Snuff Box Theatre

Five stories exploring revenge pornography and how these can turn into acts of violence. A funny and complex look at the recent revenge pornography legislation.

Presented by: Created a Monster

An unapologetic look at the masculinisation of women in power roles. A Bouffon piece with bite – not for the faint-hearted

Presented by: ThisIsNotATest

A devised piece, based on the character of Masha in Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull, exploring the relationship between identity and performance. 

Presented by: Elisabeth Carlile

A young woman attempting to create and care for a baby that you have just watched her mould from raw meat. A messy, provocative attempt at becoming a mother.

Presented by: Mummy's Sloppy Honey

An intimate immersive theatre installation/live art performance introducing the audience into the process of 4 women getting ready in a private flat.

Presented by: The Ruby Dolls

The Ruby Dolls have rewired the classic dark folktale Bluebeard for 2016. Through story-telling with original music and arrangements sung in four part harmony.

Presented by: Tight Theatre

Physical theatre exploring what it means to be a girl in today’s society. It’s not about cats.

Presented by: Knotworks

A colourful, collaged exploration of what it means to live in a gendered body. Why might we gender people, and what happens when you don’t fit?

Presented by: Lumo Company

A funny, one-woman rip off of Macbeth. One woman plays all the parts - its high on energy, low on iambic pentameter.

Presented by: Tom Ross-Williams & Oonagh Murphy

A performance about how toxic masculinity leads to violence and whether breaking down gender norms and the queer experience can offer a solution.

Presented by: Imogen Butler-Cole

Told from a unique and challenging perspective, using a charged combination of verbatim and physical theatre, Foreign Body is a brave, liberating and life-affirming story.

Presented by: CrossLine Theatre

A physical comedy, sex-ed, and real-life interviews with the porn-consuming public all rolled into one. A critical, open, and fun exploration of internet porn and its social impact.

Presented by: Panel discussion

Theresa May. Nicola Sturgeon. Angela Eagle – not. Hillary Clinton – maybe. Come and discuss the relationship between women and power, in politics and beyond.

Presented by: Karen Hobbs

A one-woman show that spreads awareness for cervical cancer through performer Karen Hobbs' honest and hilarious story.

Presented by: Roland Smith

One man’s gentle descent into fatherhood, through the lens of an unrequited love affair.

Presented by: Rose Biggin & Keir Cooper

A theatrical performance of poledance & guitar about shame power and privilege. Witty, smart and sexy.

Presented by: Panel

What do men have to contribute to the feminist conversation? Come and discuss these and related questions with an ace panel of speakers.

Presented by: Caroline Smith

An experiential audio walk between the Feminist Library and Camden People’s Theatre exploring the precarious state of being in-between (the Bardo). With live interventions and readings.

Presented by: Various

A night of new works in progress exploring the themes of the festival

Presented by: Testament

A show about privilege, with spoken word and beatboxing. Work in progress, come along and help us shape next stage.

Presented by: Various artists

A night of new works in progress exploring the themes of the festival

Presented by: Moxie Brawl

A fun, loud and thoughtful attempt to rewrite the history of Ireland by remembering the Irish women who have been forgotten about.

Presented by: Eugénie Pastor

An intimate one-on-one performances exploring our relationship with public hair

Presented by: Samuel French events

In this talk designed for aspiring writers as well as actors, directors and other creatives, David will examine the art of storytelling and the power of words.

Presented by: Isobel Rogers

A musical storytelling satire that will make you worry less.

Presented by: Vic Llewellyn & Kid Carpet

A joyously ramshackle theatre-gig celebrating Outsider artists, makers, builders and creators everywhere.

Presented by: Antosh Wojcik

Poems become beats become glitches in time in this poignant and mesmeric display of live drumming and spoken word

Presented by: Daniel Marcus Clark

Twisted spoken and sung storytelling with virtuoso guitar. Inventive, funny, touching and very unique.

Presented by: Aisha Orazbayeva and Tim Etchells

Intense and spontaneous spoken word and violin improvisations.

Presented by: Andy Blake & Friends

An underground man-about-town (& also one of the great polemicists and provocateurs of our time) in conversation about nightlife, subculture and much, much more besides

Presented by: Jack McNamara, Tim Parkinson and Angharad Davies

Artists at the forefront of musical experimentation offer their version of what theatre for the ear could be.

Presented by: Various artists

An explosive night of new work exploring the themes of All The Right Notes festival

Presented by: The Memory Band

Inspired by field recordings, traditional melodies, old public information films and an obsession with our haunted landscape, The Memory Band navigates its own unique path through sound, making old music from the future.

Presented by: Panel discussion

Join our panel of practitioners and experts, from both sides of the music/theatre divide, to discuss what’s happening on the front-line of gig-theatre.

Presented by: Billy Bottle & The Multiple

A celebration of people-power in live music and video, telling a true story of democracy, trains and a pint of milk.

Presented by: Alicia Jane Turner

A theatrical live music performance about mental and physical health performed by a solo violinist

Presented by: Rachel Mars

A gleeful rummage through our darkest urges. With singing.

Presented by: Ziad Nagy

Ziad Nagy uses movement, projection, and sound to tell personal stories.

Presented by: Flowdan

A bona fide legend of grime and wider UK bass culture performs his lyrics as spoken word in an up-close and intimate setting.

Presented by: Boogaloo Stu

A musical about pubs: silly, smutty, poignant and dark.

Presented by: Moths

An extraordinary experiential musical happening that transports you into the beating heart of a mission to the moon.

Presented by: Lauren Gauge

A truly original comedy, beatboxing and spoken word show about youth and rebelling against society. A homage to 90’s old school UK Garage. Theatre you can rave to.

Presented by: mingbeast

They want to be in a band. They talk to you, they sing, they dance, there’s joy and pain in high doses.

Presented by: Various

Come join us in the CPT mosh-pit for a gig with a difference from some of your favourite theatre artists.

Presented by: 274 Theatre Production

Contemporary verbatim mono drama, a one-woman show based on a play of a renown Russian docu-drama author

Presented by: Alex Fernandes

An introduction to technical theatre with Lighting Designer Alex Fernandes

Presented by: Rachel Mars

Sing It! Spirit of Envy! is a song piece about greed and envy, solo pursuits and communal contentment. Made anew with a pop-up choir of local singers wherever it travels, it puts two joyfully waggling fingers up to glib, economic politico-bull-speak.

Presented by: Helen Duff and Elf Lyons

20B image, women sitting in an empty room

Presented by: Jane English

20B charts Jane's search for the stories of her demolished estate and its lost community. Using archives, interviews & story-telling, Jane explores the far-reaching impact of regeneration.

Presented by: Tom Marshman

A heartful and moving performances of stories of LGBTQ people living in Kings Cross in 1980s London

Presented by: Oedipa & Lucia Lucas

An evening of song in transition; from masc to femme, classical to queer and oppression to freedom.

Presented by: Viki Browne

A surprisingly funny piece about loss, grief and trying to hold on to someone you love.

Presented by: The Mayers Ensemble

A unique two-part performance event, creating conversations around the stories we tell ourselves about race

Am I Pretty? image

Presented by: Theatre Counterpoint

An attempt to find out what’s left of us when we change our appearance through cosmetic surgery

Presented by: Camden People's Theatre

A new in-house production with local young people, made in collaboration with the Lung Biology Group at King's College.

dancing bear image

Presented by: Gameshow

Two men on stage. A woman’s voice telling you a story.

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

Oh look, Sh!t Theatre again, what is it this time? It's a show about Dolly Parton. We love her.

Presented by: Theatre with Legs

An explanation of the nature of shared living, posing provocations on the housing crisis, love and loneliness.

Presented by: Theodora van der Beek

The life story of an egg from its hatching to tragic demise at the hands of a frying pan

Presented by: Mark Dean Quinn

A show about trust, ice creams and buckets. Directed by Sh!t Theatre's Rebecca Biscuit

Presented by: Jamal Harewood

Is it what you said, or how you said it? An audience led gameshow that sets out to explore words and their meanings.

Presented by: Milk Presents

Milk Presents drop a bull into a gender shop and hope it breaks everything. A wild work-in-progress about not taming the minotaur within.

DollyWould by Shit Theatre

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

A work-in-progress of Sh!t Theatre's new show, about Dolly Parton.

puppets - flabbergast theatre

Presented by: Flabbergast Theatre

An epic filled performance from two incredibly life like puppets. Looking at life and death with humour and pathos.

Worst date ever image

Presented by: Varjack & Simpson

A night for people of all relationship statuses, sexualities and genders to hear performers share stories of their worst ever dates, and get involved and share some of your own as well. This worst date ever could be your best date yet.

Presented by: Catherine Duquette

A funny, brutally honest and personal show about fame.

kill climate deniers

Presented by: David Finnigan

A Die Hard-esque hostage thriller / action piece with a soundtrack of classic early 90s House and Techno.

Presented by: Annie Siddons

Addiction, survival poverty and joy in the city: raw poetry, music and performance.

running dog image

Presented by: Running Dog Theatre

A heart-warming & fun exploration of social anxiety and physics

Presented by: Lumo Company

A funny, one-woman rip off of Macbeth - high on energy, low on iambic pentameter.

Presented by: YESYESNONO

Sam wants to tell you about five encounters he had on a site called Craigslist. Sam is anxious about the way he gets to know people. Sam wants this to be a chance for you to get to know him.

Presented by: Becci Sharrock

An honest and humourous look at the advice we would give to past selves if we could.

alphabet-joe bunce

Presented by: Joe Bunce & Billy Taylor

A year in a teenage boy’s life, told through a patchwork of romcoms, snapchats and gangbangs.

Presented by: Subika Anwar-Khan

An exploration of integration into the west from a South Asian female perspective whilst challenging perceptions of feminism

Morale is High image by Powder Keg

Presented by: Powder Keg

Gig meets theatre in a boxing ring and nobody wins. A passionate look at how we respond to political events.

Presented by: Red Zone Theatre

"Who are we? Who can we trust? Are things really as they seem?"

Presented by: Haley McGee

A funny, irreverent and moving attempt to celebrate the place you’re from, that you’ve always been embarrassed by, but now wish you weren’t.


Presented by: Adam Foster and Susan Kempster

An often funny, often unsettling meditation on bullfighting, our collective disintegrating empathy and snails

no filter show image by crowded nest

Presented by: Crowded Nest

A lo-fi DIY play that uses teens' own experience to translate what happens on 2-dimensional screens into a 3-dimensional production about social media right now

Presented by: Showroom and Jenna Watt in association with Summerhall

A fascinating piece of documentary theatre about the Trident nuclear weapons system, performed by an artist whose family live and work on the base.

Presented by: Katy Dye

An attempt to relate and re-examine what we base our national identity on by exploring patriotism and what we use flags for.

Presented by: Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

An exploration of class mobility, social displacement, and how the 'Liberal Elite' and the 'Disenfranchised working class' aren't so far apart after all

Presented by: CPT

An introduction to marketing with CPT's Executive Director, Amber Massie-Blomfield

Presented by: James Varney

A reading of the ghosts which fill our politics, our relationships and our board games. Tonight we will summon them, and see how many of these holes we can fit in a room.

Presented by: Barrel Organ

A scratch night curated by Barrel Organ; presenting experimental and non-traditional work that specifically acknowledges the presence of the audience and plays with the ‘liveness’ of theatre.

Presented by: Gracefool Collective

Outlandish, theatrical and highly entertaining, ‘This really is too much’ delves into a world of farcical stereotypes and preposterous power struggles.

Presented by: Houston

Part of Sprint 2017: Using live music and video projection, Houston presents a DIY Sci-FI that explores what’s important about our planet and what we’d miss if it were gone.

Presented by: Laura Kurlansky & Victoria Watson

Part of Sprint 2017: Inspired by video games and theories and the rise of artificial intelligence, this immersive performance explores the point at which humans and computers might overlap.

Presented by: Scottee

Part of Sprint 2017: BRAVADO explores the graphic nature of maleness and the extent it will go to succeed.

Presented by: Katrine Turner

Part of Sprint 2017: LATENT DREAMS is about the Apocalypse. About the rising sea waters, and the invisible plagues.

Presented by: Lauren Silver

Part of Sprint 2017: An interactive clown show that looks at how we can confront anxiety, overcome fear and find freedom.

Presented by: Smallest Majority

Part of Sprint 2017: The Oppression Games examines both the company’s and others personal struggles with sexuality in a world obsessed with labelling.

Presented by: Susanna Fournier & Ted Witzel

Part of Sprint 2017: A psycho-geographic performance-slash-installation about sex and loneliness in digital hookup culture

Presented by: Gobscure

Part of Sprint 2017: a witty exploration of the language of sanism, finding beauty beneath wounding words.

Presented by: Theatre, JK

Part of Sprint 2017: A riotous, comic and self-aware theatre where the audience decides which route the performance takes.

Presented by: Edythe Woolley

Part of Sprint 2017: A mini historic romp through the female form grotesquely squeezed into cabinets and jars displayed for all who wish to see.

Presented by: Louisa Claughton

Part of Sprint 2017: A discovery of what gender means to us, where these perceptions come from and how they shape us.

Presented by: Sisters of Eden

Part of Sprint 2017: An orgasmic celebration of the functions, beautiful variety and overdue ownership of the female body.

Presented by: LaPelle's Factory

Part of Sprint 2017: An adaptation of an adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Black Cat'.

Presented by: Manic Chord Theatre

Part of Sprint 2017: In a realm of touch screens and social robots are we deprived of real, human contact?

Presented by: Shambles Theatre

Part of Sprint 2017: Love’s blind, beautiful and broken; but this isn’t a love story.

Presented by: Flickbook Theatre

Part of Sprint 2017: Casket Case is a show about our fear of death, dying and being dead.

Presented by: Brigitte Aphrodite/Boom Shakalaka Productions with Laura Keefe and Quiet Boy

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. A workshop exploring depression and mental health through music, discussion and spoken word.

Presented by: The Conker Group

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. A shameless tale of love, laughter and lavatories exploring one woman's experience of inflammatory bowel disease.

Presented by: The Carbonators, Joy-Rides, Richard Rock n Roll & 2Decks

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. A gig of wild euphoric abandon, future rock n roll and accessible, integrated music for everyone.

Presented by: Various artists

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. Debate, discussion and discourse about some of today's most provocative health research.

Presented by: Steve Nice

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. Professional show off and nosocomephobe Steve Nice hosts a special sickness and health-themed edition of his notorious quiz show

Presented by: Vic Llewellyn & Kid Carpet

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. A journey into the hearts and souls that exist on the outer limits of creativity and building regulations

Presented by: Elaine Miller

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. Elaine Miller explores the wonders of your pelvic floor and explains how to laugh - but not leak.

Presented by: Mamoru Iriguchi

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. A playful exploration of the meaning of eating and being eaten.

Presented by: Lost Watch Theatre, Emma Frankland & Laura Dannequin

Part of the Sick of the Fringe. A panel of performances, talks and interventions exploring the reality of ‘performing change’ within artistic practice and our own ever-changing bodies.

Presented by: Le Gateau Chocolat

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. An intimate and confessional portrait of Nigerian singer Le Gateau Chocolat’s life.

Presented by: Kate Copstick

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. A panel discussion for artists performing about themselves and their health, illness and disability.

Presented by: Daniel Baker - Social Material Cic

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. Artist, anthropologist and meditation teacher, Daniel Baker offers practical mindfulness techniques for self-care in the creative industries.

Presented by: Ding & Sich

Part of Sprint 207: With a tabletop for a stage, for a limited audience, we will perform - and in performing attempt to reclaim - the language of flowers.

Presented by: Nathan Birkinshaw

Part of Sprint 2017: A funny look at how we struggle with death in the internet age and connection with real world.

Presented by: Jamie Wood

Part of Sprint 2017: A homemade pilgrimage, a return to roots, slow motion time travel.

Presented by: Performance Anxiety

Part of Sprint 2017: A mix of cringe worthy confessions, live games and surreal self-help mantras.

Presented by: Wonder Fools

Part of Sprint 2017: Using a blend of storytelling, poetry and scientific dissemination the show examines how pornography impacts on mental health, relationships, and sexual experiences.

Presented by: Roxanne Carney

Part of Sprint 2017: A fiery spoken word performance that’s honest and unapologetically feminist.

Presented by: notnow Collective

Part of Sprint 2017: A show about fatherhood, social expectations, traditions and masculinity in UK, created by two Croatian females. Funny, poignant and provoking.

Presented by: Various artists

Part of Sprint 2017: A Sprint special edition of our signature nights of brand new works in progress.

Presented by: Gameshow

Part of Sprint 2017: An informally-led walk from CPT to Hampstead Heath, ​seeing the city from the pigeons’ point of view.

Presented by: Madi Maxwell-Libby

Part of Sprint 2017: Politics meets subversive aerobics routines in this physical-video-poetry-comedy show about life under capitalism, from the perspective of an award-winning office temp.

Presented by: Deanna Rodger and Gemma Rogers

Part of Sprint 2017: Blasting the past, prepare to rocket into a quest of questions, sing along banter and mystical meetings

Presented by: Various artists

Part of Sprint 2017: A showcase of the work created and developed by artists on our trailblazing Starting Blocks scheme

Presented by: Gameshow

Part of Sprint 2017: How much is spent each year on a cancer patient? How much on a prisoner?
 How much on your child’s clothes?

Presented by: Drunken Chorus

Part of The Sick of the Fringe. A DIY guidebook for a teenage journey through the pitch black Yorkshire night.

Presented by: UCLU Musical Theatre Society

A deeply moving original musical following the lives of two couples in their final year of university.

Presented by: UCLU Jazz Society

Voodoo Jazz is a fusion of styles that combines funk, disco, jazz and latin grooves. Expect harmonic exploration, diverse instrumentation and wild improvisation

Presented by: The Blank Slates – UCLU Comedy Club

The apocalypse has taken place. Comedy is strictly prohibited. London comedians have gathered in a secret underground location, where they plot a revolution to bring back comedy. Will they succeed?

Presented by: by Westking Music and Acting

A piece of interactive performance consisting silent film, audience interaction, music and improvisation.

Presented by: 104 internationale

A Double Bill of short performances by Lecoq-trained theatremakers. All monies from ticket sales donated to ‘Living Water Myanmar’.

Presented by: Birkbeck University

A day-and-a-half long symposium investigating how practitioners in a range of settings work in pairs.

Presented by: Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre and Drunken Chorus

A double-bill of short solo performances around themes of mental health, from two emerging female artists.

Presented by: Thomas Martin and Pat Ashe

Videogames. Performance. Boom.

Presented by: Jules Orcullo and Robert Awosusi

A fun-filled look at what it’s like to live between cultures – East to West, Australia to the UK - through the eyes of a woman experiencing female sexual dysfunction

Presented by: MetaPlay

An intimate, outrageous, funny, audience-collaborative show exploring the perils of ‘amour de text’, female desire and trawling for sex

Presented by: Louise Orwin

This is a show about asking for what you want, and wondering how to ask for it. It’s also about fucking. And wondering how the fuck to make a show about fucking.

Presented by: Clamour Theatre

A contemporary satire on female sexuality and the attempts to control it.

Presented by: Propolis Theatre

A verbatim show about sex

Presented by: Jane Welsh & Kitty May

A political statement on sex in the UK with points illustrated with real stories from individuals

Presented by: Various artists

The first of three explosive nights of work-in-progress performances exploring the themes of the festival

Presented by: Various artists

The second of three explosive nights of work-in-progress performances exploring the themes of the festival

Presented by: YESYESNONO

Desperately hilarious and achingly bleak; one performer asks an audience to help him tell the story of five encounters.

Presented by: Rachel Mars and Folk

Before 140 characters, there were long, hand-written letters. And a lot of them were proper filthy.

Presented by: Pecs: The Drag King Collective

An audience participation show exploring the relationship between gender and sexuality

Presented by: Tammy WhyNot

Tammy WhyNot and her special guests will be giving a performance to share Tammy’s exploration into ageing, desire, pleasure and intimacy.

Presented by: Wondering Hands Theatre

A journey into the weird and wonderful world of sex and relationships, inspired by real-life stories and told through innovative puppetry.

Presented by: Lauren Aimee Burch

An exploration of consent and how we as a society talk about it (or don't...)

Presented by: Panel discussion

None of us would be here without it. Some of us are getting it. Most of us are thinking about it. But theatre often seems to pretend it doesn't exist...

Presented by: Various artists

The final of three explosive nights of work-in-progress performances exploring the themes of the festival

Presented by: Ethan Mechare

Taking place in living rooms all over London your host Ethan Mechare welcomes you into this unknown world with true stories of sexual fantasy and intrigue.

Presented by: Rebecca Atkinson-Lord and Greg Wohead

This is a show exploring and championing non-mainstream or not often publicly discussed views and experiences on sex and relationships.

Presented by: Helen Duff

A very frank exploration of all the expectations that get in the way of achieving real intimacy.

Presented by: Robert Hesp

An open look at ideas of sexual autonomy, identity and fragility and an attempt to rediscover the pleasure of skin and bone in a live space.

Presented by: Paul Haworth & David G. Lees

Before he moves back home to get hitched, David is throwing a sex party. And you’re all invited…

Presented by: Atelier Théâtre GOOD MORNING

7 french speaking non professional actresses perform short scenes from French contemporary authors such as Jean-Paul Alègre and Jean-Michel Ribes.

Presented by: Talawa Theatre

A series of workshops exploring experimental and contemporary theatre making techniques with some of the leading artists in the field.

Presented by: Milk Presents

Commissioned by CPT. A lyrical new play exploring trans and non-binary identity through the lens of greek mythology. Cheeky, raucous and irreverent.

Presented by: QQF

Having a moon for a head makes life difficult for Joey Moonhead. But the college talent show presents Joey with an opportunity to build a fantastic musical instrument and his self-confidence.

Presented by: Slovak Theatre in London

The Academy for Women is the first place in the world where women get access to both, sex work and studies. What results can this peculiar programme produce?

Presented by: Dear Hunter Theatre

The Iconoclasts, a new play by Ben Price with original music by Emily Compton. If the Iconoclasts are going down, they’re going down swinging! Music, magic, poetry, drag and comedy meet in an explosive night of would-be redemption for the Northern Irish celebrity family, but their chequered past just won't stop turning up uninvited.

Presented by: Frenetic Fox Theatre

Serenading you with original song & spoken word - join Paul as he explores tech-addiction and how far are we prepared to go to be fulfilled.

Presented by: Action to the word

Welcome to Florence at the height of the Renaissance where greed and lust are amongst us: a new actor-musician adaptation of Middleton’s classic tragedy

Presented by: The Centre for Performing Arts, University of Portsmouth

Actors and Singers Showcase of those graduating in 2017 from the BA (Hons) Drama and Performance and BA (Hons) Musical Theatre courses at the University of Portsmouth.

Presented by: The Student Workshop: Royal Holloway

An exciting new festival showcasing the best original productions being created by young, up and coming artists.

Presented by: Plays Rough Theatre

New writing collective Plays Rough London present a collection of short new plays based on the theme ‘Man Versus Machine’.

Presented by: The Centre for Performing Arts, University of Portsmouth

The Centre for Performing Arts is delighted to produce the Companies Showcase and introduce to the professional industry the varied and excellent theatre companies from the 2017 graduating class of BA (Hons) Drama and Performance and BA (Hons) Musical Theatre courses at the University of Portsmouth.

Presented by: House of Idiot

Dark and funny cabaret melodrama performed by a chorus of glamorous monsters. Silliness, dancing, laughter - and maybe a few thoughts thrown in too

Presented by: Ray Filar

A show about trans life, queer sex and radical left politics told through the medium of electro-punk songs and spoken word and dancing, and other kinds of storytelling.

Presented by: Daniel P Cunningham & Mark J Hamilton

Imagine a club where the dancer is a hot priest. Come and enjoy the possibility of liberation through sweat, song and fake money

Presented by: LGBTQ Arts Review

A platform for the lesser heard LGBTQ+ voices on stage from the LGBTQ Arts Review. Fun, immersive and interactive

Presented by: Various artists

The first of two explosive nights of work-in-progress performance exploring the themes of Come As You Are

Presented by: Bonnie and the Bonnettes

A three person, autobiographical show that combines drag performance with theatrical storytelling to mark the birth of a drag queen from Doncaster. It’s full of pop anthems, neon bobs, and glitter!

Presented by: Camilla Harding & Alexandra Sinclair

A Feminist drag theatre show exploring gender and identity that asks you to question just how and why guys and gals are put, painted and paired together.

Presented by: Pecs: The Drag King Collective

Following the sold-out 'Pecs: Let’s Talk about Sex', the Drag King Collective bring you the second instalment of their workshop performance series

Presented by: Hester Chillingworth

Shorty is a deconstructed drag child. The show is about inbetweenness in gender and the queerness of childhood. It’s light, dark, stupid and serious.

Presented by: Mamoru Iriguchi

An interactive cabaret lecture that explores fluidity of sexual and gender identities in nature, including human society.

Presented by: various artists

The second of two explosive nights of work-in-progress exploring the themes of Come As You Are

Presented by: Pablo Pakula

What hides beneath the monolithic notion of ‘masculinity’? What is it (or should it feel like) to be a man? Pablo is still trying to figure it out

Presented by: Jo Hauge

Britney.... is a riot grrl tribute show about being aggressively sad and queer, and the journey from "I'm not like other girls, girls are stupid" to "I'm not actually a girl, but girl stuff is the bomb dot com”

Presented by: Ellie Stamp

Currently Untitled is an early scratch exploration into the gendered codes of emotional and physical strength and vulnerability

Presented by: Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines

Welcome to the world of the Hairy Heroines. Subtle, conflicted, playful and provocative games, both familiar and reinvented, underpin and undermine expressions of gender through dance and theatre.

Presented by: Whatsthat Performance

A collage of performed self-portraits, devised and presented by a cast of trans and non-binary performers. Sometimes humorous, deeply touching and always personal

Presented by: Panel discussion

Our understanding of gender is evolving at sometimes dizzying pace. Join CPT and our panel of experts to discuss where it’s all leading.

Presented by: Milk Presents

A workshop run by Milk Presents: an introduction to positive gender inclusivity within arts organisations

Presented by: Nouveau Riche

Strong passionate women fight oppression in a racist and sexist society in this new show about 'misogynoir'

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

Oh look, Sh!t Theatre again, what is it this time? It's a show about Dolly Parton. They f*cking love her.

Presented by: Neon Peach Theatre

Jim likes his routine. Going to work, visiting the church and giving blood sacrifices to the Reptilian overlords. A dark and surreal story inspired by 1950s sci fi movies.........Welcome to Little Eden.

Presented by: Beside Ourselves Collective

Modern female sexuality and Christianity: are they as uncomfortable bedfellows as they appear to be?

Presented by: Barrel Organ

A road-trip. A haunted-house. A bedtime story. A photo-album. An ‘80s fantasy film. A demolition project. A riot.

Presented by: The Lab Collective

A pacy, exciting and sometimes uncomfortable opportunity to challenge the status quo of our current immigration system.

Presented by: Jess Brodie & Victoria Bianchi

A story of two women who have chosen completely opposite paths in their lives and wonder whether it’s the other one who actually got it right.

Presented by: Luisa Amorim and Graça Kotseva

On stage a mother and a daughter prepare their home to receive guests: a portrait of a London working family, and the mutations of their city

Presented by: Pip Hambly

A live analogue recorded online video blog digital radio broadcast dance theatre show. About who we are, why we’re here, and the accident of evolution. And the meaning of life

Presented by: Camden People's Theatre

A collaboration with young Londoners and the Lung Biology Group at King’s College to explore air pollution, its consequences – and what we might do about it.

Presented by: Laura Ryder and Company

There’s a hum at a party. Glitter in the air. Invite in hand, don’t forget why you’re here. It’s about movement, love and care. Take a journey into the world of these black and yellow pollinators.

Presented by: Timberlina

A glittering, musical, story filled romp of spectacularly unconventional, bearded, alt-drag proportions about reaching peak-worry and overcoming eco-anxiety.

Presented by: Running Dog Theatre

A new music theatre show about going home, climate change, and hope in the face of helplessness.

Presented by: Urban Foxes Collective

A discussion of two women's attitudes towards the ethics of reproduction in an overpopulated world.

Presented by: Louise White

The story of a girl who’s dreams are not what she expected. A journey to the deep and a glimpse into the future of the oceans – but is it good or bad?

Presented by: Thomas Martin and Pat Ashe

After six sell­out dates at CPT, London’s only curated night of videogames and performance returns!

Presented by: Tribe Arts

What do you do when the people who should love and protect you, take advantage and abuse your freedoms?

Presented by: Chanje Kunda

A playful journey of discovery: about science, sensuality & spirituality and how our bodies mirror the universe through the constellations of particles twinkling within us.

Presented by: SBC Theatre

A dramatic exploration of immigration detention centres from a former Yarl’s Wood detainee

Presented by: SUPERFAN

An intensely physical, funny, and tender duet by two men who wrestle with their relationship to violence - both onscreen and off

Presented by: The Hiccup Project

Honest, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, this show asks what we do when things aren’t okay.

Presented by: Mooville Theatre

A powerful, multimedia exploration of skin lightening.

Presented by: Alissa AJY Cooper

A one-woman show exploring the coming-of-age journey of a slightly obsessive romantic with psychological tendencies

Presented by: Silent Faces

It makes sense to take an umbrella out when it’s raining, but mental health is much harder to understand than the weather.

Presented by: Jamal Gerald

An interactive performance focusing on the way we talk about racial and gender inequality

Presented by: Luca Rutherford

Luca’s confused, overwhelmed and feels stupid about politics. So, she’s throwing a party. A political party.

Presented by: Various artists

Our signature night of scratch performances returns for two eclectic events as part of The Shape of Things to Come festival.

Presented by: Barrel Organ

A scratch night taking for experimental and non-traditional work that plays with the ‘liveness’ of theatre.

Presented by: Breach

An investigation into rehearsals for the future – through safety drills and emergency response training.

Presented by: Miranda Prag

A show about identity, authenticity and the murky area between the two

Presented by: gobscure

A high-octane monologue about multiple possibilities for survival, exploring the reclamation of the derogatory term 'joey'

Presented by: Grace Lambert

An online therapy bot promises rapid recovery from a breakup in 5 days

Presented by: Ruby Lawrence

A performance piece shedding light on the male commentary that accompanies sexual intimacy and relationships, and playfully celebrating womanhood.

Presented by: ThisEgg

Flog explores communication and language and whether our progression in technology is really a regression as a species.

Presented by: The End and the Beginning Theatre

A creative project by London-based theatre-makers from Finland and Colombia exploring explores the limits of language in cross-cultural human communication

Presented by: Pear-Shaped

An exploration into the minefield of ethical sexual relations.

Presented by: Adam Welsh

A comparison between an unknown living man and a famous missing child.

Presented by: Embolon Theatre

A trio of pilot performances testing new interactive games. If you can beat us, join us.

Presented by: Kopfkino

As the public facade of a perfect couple shatters, The Bearpit interrogates what we tell ourselves to be true versus the reality raging beneath

Presented by: The Fun Club

A fun show about three people f*cking up. Expect dancing/squabbling/comedy/games… and failure. Mostly failure

Presented by: Paul O'Donnell

A sideways look at the pomp and circumstance of modern jukebox musicals, asking whether the art of imagination is being lost to machinery and extravagance.

Presented by: Keisha Thompson

A journey through space and time, fuelled by love, fear and Afro-futurism.

Presented by: Emma Berentsen & Tiffany Murphy

Would you want to meet your rapist seven years after the attack? An intimate performance about the fear of dying, losing dignity and reclaiming power by facing your biggest fear.

Presented by: Unfinished Productions

Acclaimed show exploring the extraordinary life and work of forgotten black composer, Julius Eastman.

Presented by: Adam Z. Robinson in association with LittleMighty

Three chilling tales. Two ghostly performers. One thrilling night.

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

Back by popular demand for a mini tour! A 2014, 2015 AND 2016 CPT Christmas sellout!

Presented by: Panel discussion

Join our panel as we discuss the challenges posed by London air pollution as part of Shoot The Breeze festival.

Presented by: Santina Sorrenti

G(END)ER SWAP intends to create a safe & non judgmental space for gender nonconforming individuals to access clothes aligning with their gender identity.

Presented by: Gemma Weekes

A desperate woman attempts to resurrect the spirit of long-dead artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, whilst raging at the forces that killed him.

Presented by: Matt Abbott Poet

On 23 June 2016, Abbott’s native city voted 66% in favour of Brexit. Either side of the referendum, he volunteered at the Calais Jungle. Exploring the working-class Leave vote, whilst exposing the reality of the refugee crisis, Abbott uses poetic flair and observational storytelling in this vital spoken word show.

Presented by: Cloud Dance Festival

Work in the arts and have topics you’d like to discuss or share with others? Then come along to our new monthly open space event which is open to all: raise issues, ask questions, offer advice, share skills, ask for feedback and network with other industry professionals.

Presented by: Sean Burn

A fun and accessible workshop during which you will think about language and create a DIY magazine

Presented by: Camden People's Theatre

Join us for a guided tour of The Euston Passage: a route mapped out by scientists as a way to avoid the worst of the pollution along The Euston Road.

Presented by: Various Artists

The first of three explosive nights of work-in-progress exploring the themes of Calm Down Dear 2018

Presented by: Racheal Ofori

Exploring cultural and generational shifts in how women see themselves and each other, this sassy and soulful new show asks what happens when we realise mums don't always know best.

Presented by: A&E Comedy

Enter The Dragons is a funny, frank and fearless show about the pressures facing women as they age.

Presented by: Daughter Product

Acclaimed Canadian performance in which three women unravel their girlhoods, idols and ideals

Presented by: China Fish

China Blue Fish & Deborah Antoinette blend music, comedy, drag, dance, buffon and the grotesque - Queen C*nt sees all power to the feminine, the wrathful, the sensual!

Presented by: Hannah Ballou

Dr. Hannah Ballou will diagnose and treat your feminist complaints via her mashup of stand up and live art.

Presented by: Vanessa Macaulay

Taking twerking, music videos & make-up tutorials to the point of the absurd. Enticement Machine pulls apart the image of the black female body in pop culture.

Presented by: Fen

Combining found text, art animation, dance and an original vapourware soundtrack, PSYCHOPOMP is the typical heroic sci-fi quest, cut up and redistributed with a female protagonist.

Presented by: Claudia Jefferies

A one-woman show about misogyny set in a 1980s Working Men’s Club with bastardised karaoke numbers and bad jokes.

Presented by: Caroline Horton & China Plate

With comedy, live music, dancing and desperation, All of Me is a one-woman show that considers what it means to be alive, whilst the Showgirl contemplates wanting to end it all.

Presented by: Libby Liburd

A show about women in temporary accommodation - their experiences and the effect it’s had on them - the human cost of the housing crisis.

Presented by: MEGANDALEX

This cabaret performance-come-intimate theatre piece explores youth, class, family, sexuality, and the importance of friendship amongst the shit-storm that is all those things. 

Presented by: Vanessa Kisuule

A playful look at our conflicted relationship with our bodies and sexiness, exploring our obsession with what is sexy through comedy, spoken word, dance and various states of undress.

Presented by: Various Artists

The second of three explosive nights of work-in-progress exploring the themes of Calm Down Dear 2018

Presented by: various artists

The third of three explosive nights of work-in-progress exploring the themes of Calm Down Dear 2018

Presented by: RedCape Theatre

Thunder Road is about the power of the Heimlich manoeuvre, adventure and escape, the call of the open road, and the kind of friendship you'd take a bullet for

Presented by: Twiceful Mind

Through an immersive audio-sensory experience, which will combine digital, installation art and live music, the duo Twiceful Mind will create a unique live interpretation of their first release, ‘Inertia’, in collaboration with artist Black Lune.

Presented by: Alissa Anne Jeun Yi

A hilarious and heartbreaking coming-of-age story that interweaves killer tunes, dance and rap with the autobiographical poems of a hopeless romantic. A one-woman-show (about many men) that aims to educate and empower us all beyond the bedroom.

Presented by: Supporting Theatre Artists and Makers of Performance (STAMP) Network

A large-scale event for up to 400 artists to come and meet London venues and organisations and gain an understanding of how they work to support artists and produce new work.

Presented by: Various artists

A panel of artists and commentators discuss how much impact is intersectional thought really having, and what work is still to be done?

Presented by: Thunderstruck Productions

The untold story of working class genius, obsession and heavy metal bagpipes.

Presented by: RED Company

The Sea is a new play about loneliness and isolation in London. Exploring themes of communication and human connection in the urban, digital city.

Presented by: Various Artists

Our first of TWO explosive nights of work-in-progress exploring the themes of Sprint 2018

Presented by: Various Artists

The second Sprint special edition of CPT's regular night of brand new works-in-progress

Presented by: Kit Finnie

A solo performance inflected with historical violence exploring Kit Finnie's obsession with movie star Mabel Normand, and asking: what’s at stake when we try to inhabit a voice that can never be ours?

Presented by: Holly Gallagher

A one-woman show about comic conventions and Cosplay, consent and growing up on the internet

Presented by: Feat.Theatre

Imagine a world where inviting strangers for cups of tea is no longer a radical act. One woman goes on a mission to make this a reality. This show is about hot drinks, kindness being cool and how to start a revolution. Come and join us?

Presented by: Jo Hauge

In 2007 Jo experienced an episode of mental illness and shaved their head. A week later, Britney followed suit, ruining Jo’s queer punk cred.

Presented by: Dirty Rascals

Three contestants battle it out for the title of “Most Admirable Person”. Their friends and families certainly think they’re admirable. The real question is, DO YOU?

Presented by: Yoli Seker & Zlil-hen Saks

Extremely personal and utterly universal physical theatre and verbatim tour of the land called 'coupledom'

Presented by: Novasound and Belle Jones

Spoken word and music weave together in this genre-defying collaboration, telling the stories of several residents of a troubled and divided urban neighbourhood

Presented by: Emma Attwood & Nick Finegan

Theatre and virtual reality merge in an exploration of loneliness, longing and humankind’s ever more intimate relationship with the digital realm

Presented by: Camilla Borges

When was the last time you hugged someone? How did it make you feel? Did they give you their full attention? Most people don’t give good hugs. I am here to show you how. This will change your life. Trust me, I’m a hugger

Presented by: Zoo Indigo

Zoo Indigo and musician Matt Marks re-create and deconstruct your cinema memories in a flurry of foley, wigs, and camera trickery

Presented by: Rhys Slade-Jones

In Treherbert rugby club, amongst the fag smoke and the singing, Rhys’s parents fell in love. This heartfelt re-enactment of 1970s South Wales is a show about dancing to Donna Summer and what you can learn from reading your Mam’s diary

Presented by: The Backpack Ensemble

When Charlie finds her father’s old birdwatching book, she sets out to find one last bird to complete it for him, and for their relationship.... A story full of music, shadows and a feathered giant

Presented by: Angela Yeoh

Like money? You'll love this show. Self-professed business guru Manyi visits from China to share top insights for a prosperous and powerful life

Presented by: Hugo Aguirre and Lizzie Manwaring

Exactly what the title promises, this piece follows the bizarre journey of a woman who in five months will be having a kid

Presented by: The Davis Brothers

Two brothers embark on a camping trip into the heart of Dartmoor, in a story about brotherhood, humanity and journey into the unknown

Presented by: Katherine McMahon

A sometimes moving, sometimes funny, always honest exploration of the complicated business of being in a body

Presented by: This Is It Theatre

Part autobiographical, part verbatim, For a Black Girl explores female sexuality, violence and the staggering effect of everyday racism

Presented by: Factory Irregular

An immersive ‘live broadcast room’ exploring how we connect with others online and offline.

Presented by: We Are KILTER

In the dusty aftermath of Brexit, Grenfell and the refugee crisis, three derelict clowns unpick their futile attempts to make an impact on the world

Presented by: Big Mammal

With sound, speech and sharks, The Seawolves chomps at questions of identity & belonging, diving deep to explore the wonders of the world’s most misunderstood family

Presented by: Me Me Me

With only tin-foil props, existential dread and their sweet-ish dance moves, Me Me Me create an anarchic space adventure, drifting in the expanse between theatre and comedy

Presented by: Willy Hudson

Are you a top or a bottom? Funny, awkward and with a big heart, Willy navigates the technicalities of finding love in 2017 and yanks open the queer experience

Presented by: Camden Youth Theatre

Camden Youth Theatre take you on a sonic journey through the world inside their head phones.

Presented by: Various Artists

A showcase of the brand new work created and developed by artists on our trailblazing Starting Blocks scheme

Presented by: Nod at the Fox

Definitely categorically 100% based on true events; through music, absurd soulful metaphors and chain smoking puppets, Eden tells the emotional and tragic tale of an exponentially unfortunate fox…

Presented by: Uncanny Theatre

It’s time to make the most controversial show ever - can Uncanny Theatre tweet to their way to fame by the end of the show?

Presented by: Juan Ayala / Decollage

Funny, disconcerting and beautiful promenade performance using the city ‘as it is’ to overlay a narrative onto incidental events, people and existing architecture

Presented by: Rosa Postlethwaite

An examination of the role of the master of ceremonies, exploring apologetic addresses, revved-up entrepreneurial spiel and whether or not you’re asking for it

Presented by: Paper Whale Theatre

If David Attenborough and Edward Lear went on a pub-crawl and at the end of the night devised a physical theatre show, this would probably be it. Stupid Zoo is a non-verbal, absurd physical comedy and lo-fi DIY puppetry show, made by two idiots with too much cardboard.

Presented by: Lewys Holt

Playful new dance-theatre piece exploring non-linearity and what happens when two side of the same coin collide

Presented by: Chris White

Combining comedy, poetry and songs, Sunked is a spoken-word show about salvage, salvation and Celine Dion

Presented by: Meraki Collective

Armed with wigs and wit, Meraki Collective’s bright and playful dance-theatre show takes on the rules around social étiquette

Presented by: Ray Filar

A tale of gender fluidity told in electro-punk form. Expect songs, spoken word, strip-tease, and possibly some surprise guests.

Presented by: Scottee

Joined by working class artists, thinkers and fakers Scottee & guests explore what it means to grow up on a council estate and who creates the definitions of working class identity

Presented by: Theodora van der Beek

Follow The Bearded Lady as she discovers the resolve to defy the inanity of a world that asks people to hide or change who they are.

Presented by: Flabbergast Theatre

Except hilarity and stupidity as clowns, puppets and mask performers unravel one of Shakespeare’s most enigmatic and evasive roles

Presented by: Claire Gaydon

A brand-new solo show examining ideas of meaning and purpose through our obsession with social media

Presented by: Karen McLeod

A thought-provoking and at times unsettling comedy poetry show featuring the self-proclaimed Poet of the South London people Barbara Brownskirt.

Presented by: Black Girl / White Girl

a ★★★★★ exploration of race, gender, sexuality, family and what it means to love someone who doesn't look like you.

Presented by: YESYESNONO

Desperately hilarious and achingly bleak, 5 Encounters... is an award-winning intricate and tender question mark around our attempts to encounter each other in this technologized world.

Presented by: Jackie Hagan

A new show featuring the real voices of proper skint disabled people about the complicated weirdness of being human. Expect puppetry, poetic comedy and one underclass amputee steering the show.

Presented by: Please Hold Project

PLEASE HOLD are a theatre collective who use spoken word, songs and movement to explore experiences of violence at the hands of the British state and how, together, we can survive them.

Presented by: Libby Liburd

TEMPORARY explores the social and political reasons for the surge in households in temporary accommodation and the emotional effects for women and children in temporary accommodation.

Presented by: Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

This is a show about belonging. About tribes and families. About the places you change yourself to try and belong in.

Presented by: Various Artists

An explosive nights of work-in-progress exploring the themes of Common People.

Presented by: Beats & Elements

A new show that explores why we need safe clean homes for all, told through beats and songs, using living looping and beatboxing

Presented by: Rebecca W Morris, of the Rebel Choir

A workshop to create songs of class and identity. Open to all, regardless of ability.

Presented by: Various speakers

Join a panel of experts as they discuss the persistence – or resurgence – of class inequality in the arts, asks what can be done about it, and proposes some radical solutions.

Presented by: Holly Beasley-Garrigan

An unreliable solo show about the fetishisation of the feral female - about working class women and the trouble with 90’s nostalgia

Presented by: Catherine Hoffmann

Hoffmann's acclaimed rallying cry for times of brutal cuts and disparity - a solo account of shame and poverty from a personal perspective - returns to CPT

Presented by: Pat Ashe and Thomas Martin

Explore the intersection between performance and play at this friendly, accessible evening of experiments.

Presented by: Hannah Maxwell

Utilising queer theory, degree-level practice-based research and a showstopper of a smile, I, AmDram minds the gap between the identities we assert and the worlds we leave; all through the musty vibrancy of amateur dramatics.

Presented by: Flip The Bird Theatre

Over the course of an unusual evening, two women stumble into an unfiltered interrogation of what it means to be a contemporary woman.

Presented by: Testament in association with LittleMighty

Expect beatboxing, spoken word, storytelling and hiphop classics as the twin juggernauts of feminism and hiphop collide.

Presented by: Matt Miller and Peader Kirk

Writer, performer and cross-dresser Matt Miller attempts to escape the rules of what we can or cannot be but encounters new sets of rules in the search for self-definition.

Presented by: Rachael Young

Rachael and her badass band of super-humans embrace Afrofuturism and the cult of Grace Jones in this explosive new performance, in which live music and intergalactic visions kick-start a revolution

Presented by: Urielle Klein Mekongo & China Plate

Based a true story, Yvette is a one-woman show with original music about a stolen childhood and growing up with a secret.

Presented by: pink suits

A brand-new performance from poli-rock duo pink suits exploring fantasy, sexuality and gender identity.

Presented by: YESYESNONO

With live music and video artistry, award-winning company YESYESNONO present [insert slogan here]: a fevered excavation of adverts, objects and memory.

Presented by: Olly Hawes

Masculinity, capitalism, fiction and reality all blur in this genre bending performance that is funny, unsettling, and always on the cusp of anarchy.

Presented by: Setesdal Collective

A millennial anthem, a confused love song to a ‘lost generation’ that does everything and nothing all at once, exploring icons, celebrity and how we try to find our place amongst them

Presented by: Be Aware Productions

Through song and shamelessly dark humour an all female band tells the stories that you haven’t heard. Warning: the naked truth in this gritty performance may be disturbing. Do you dare?

Presented by: You Should See The Other Guy

Created by an all-female company of mothers, people at risk of homelessness and housing activists from Focus E15 Campaign, this vibrant ensemble show uses verbatim, song, civil disobedience and sock puppets to celebrate the power of resistance.

Presented by: Sylvia Arthur

Interweaving music, video, and images with spoken word, Obama & Me takes on the big issues of Brexit, Trump, US and EU race relations.

Presented by: Hushed Nation

Any Change aims to explore, challenge and expose the assumptions and truths surrounding homelessness using docu-theatre puppetry and live foley to bring their stories to life.

Presented by: Miranda Prag

This is a show about identity, authenticity and the murky area between the two. An intimate, awkward and hilariously ironic portrait of the people we try to be when we don’t feel like ourselves.

Presented by: Flight of the Escales

Stuck between highly taxed tampons and badly lit mirrors, three characters are trapped in a patriarchal purgatory, desperately looking for a way out. Will they find one? 

Presented by: MALAPROP Theatre

LOVE+ is a one-woman two-hander about the inevitability of human/robot relationships.

Presented by: MALAPROP Theatre

You meet someone online. All you know is their name and that they seem to like you as much as you like them. In fact, you think you love each other. But do you? Can you? And what is love, anyway?

Presented by: Tom Cassani

Tom Cassani exposes the techniques of deception, and teaches how to spot it in action: watch everyday action turn into the impossible.

Presented by: Paper People Theatre

Using a language mixed of visual art, words and movement, Paper People Theatre present to you their world full of chalk and the conflict this brings between it’s performers.

Presented by: People Show

An anonymous man and woman are trying to pin down the facts. Any facts. But hurried along by a relentless modern world, stricken by disasters, how do we know what’s true?

Presented by: New Perspectives

New multimedia performance combining John Berger's words, Jean Mohr's images, archive film and contemporary reportage, taking the pulse of the NHS in its 70th anniversary year

Presented by: She Goat

Experimental live music and Baroque-pop mash-ups, gender-twisting visuals and gothic storytelling: this new theatre gig is an exploration of ‘the Doppelgänger’, devised and performed by a pair of real life doppelgängers.

Presented by: UCL Musical Theatre Society

Ordinary Days follows the stories of four people in New York and how their lives intersect as they seek fulfillment, happiness, love, and a ‘Big Picture’.

Presented by: UCL’s Francophone Company

Throughout the course of an evening, eight friends revel in the sweet pleasure of gossip. Unable to refrain themselves, their conversation reaches a comical paroxysm of absurdness, leading us to question our relationship to others.

Presented by: The Blank Slates

An improvisational theatre production paying homage to the heist movie genre.

Presented by: The UnDisposables

A celebration of new writing, new opportunities and new beginnings. Each piece of writing unveils a taster of life before transporting you to another time, another place, another story.

Presented by: COMMON

An open discussion for artists who identify as working-class to discuss the barriers to career progression they face in theatre, and contribute to support services being created to help artists overcome them.

Presented by: Westminster Kingsway L2 Acting, Music and Creative Media Students

An evening of short Silent Movies brought to you by the excellent Music and Acting students at Westminster Kingsway College.

Presented by: Inkwell Productions, in association with The Aurelia Project

Inkwell Productions present a new version of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, a haunting, tragi-comic portrayal of boredom, impossible loves and wasted potential set against the backdrop of late-70s Russia.

Presented by: Yanthe Louïs

Six rules. Ladybugs. A lift. Moving feet. A one-woman show about restrictions and awkward situations, self-discovery and making and breaking rules.

Presented by: Various Artists

An explosive nights of work-in-progress exploring the themes of All is True.

Presented by: Various artists

An explosive night of brand new work, featuring the latest recipients of our BAME Seed Commissions

Presented by: Exchange Theatre

A new revival of Moliere’s masterpiece The Misanthrope for the 21st century MOLIERE V/S FAKE NEWS, set in a newsroom, "This rather wonderful production encapsulates Moliere's brilliance" **** LPTheatres (2017)

Presented by: CrossLine Theatre

Friday Night Love Poem tells the stories of three different women and their journeys to finding sexual empowerment while exploring the consequences of living in a society that is both hypersexual and fetishizes virginity.

Presented by: Exchange Theatre

Show case of Exchange Theatre students, Monday group, directed by David Furlong. In French.

Presented by: Exchange Theatre

Show case of Exchange Theatre Amdram group directed by David Furlong. In French.

Presented by: Exchange Theatre

Show case of Exchange Theatre students, Wednesday group, directed by Leonor Lemee. In French.

Presented by: Exchange Theatre

Show case of Exchange Theatre students, Tuesday group, directed by Catherine Beraud. In French.

Presented by: TilThisNight

Supported by Stephen Fry, shining a light on #MeToo through Northern, female and working-class voices. Presented by ‘one of the UK’s fastest rising ensembles.’

Presented by: Itch Collective

SKINNED:LIVE breaks out with rainbow-splattered latex pools, high tech haptic suits and a night of blood and burlesque in a live art take on looking beneath the surface.

Presented by: Itch Collective

Night two of SKINNED:LIVE erupts into sound with spoken word, slam poetry and spandex symphonies; in a battle cry against fixed identities and impossible ideals.

Presented by: by Itch Collective

SKINNED:LIVE draws to a close with bionic bounds into the world of post-humanism and second skins. Examine the evolution of aging, jump into projected robotics and uncover glass-shattering new tricks.

Presented by: Wonky Table

What if Sleeping Beauty never wanted to be a princess? What if she didn’t dream of being kissed by a prince? A playful retelling for ages 5-105.

Presented by: A Slice of Lemon

‘If you forever judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life thinking that its stupid’ – Albert Einstein

Presented by: FLOP

A blustering storm sends four neighbours in front of a lens. Is this the potential near future for all humanity? Julian hopes that this brave documentary of turbulent times will make them all famous one day.

Presented by: by Futures Theatre

She’s five foot ten. She’s almost certain. From the city to the Kent coast, from a war-torn land to the pit of the stomach, this unmissable new play explores one woman’s journey to regain a sense of identity.

Presented by: Night Train Theatre Company

Poland, 1933: thirteen-year-old Maklena fixates on a fairy-tale vision of the Soviet Union. When communist propaganda, magical geese, and her family's bleak reality become blurred in Maklena’s imagination, they lead her down a dangerous path. This production marks the English-language premiere of Mykola Kulish’s classic Ukrainian play.

Presented by: Charlotte Fox

Narcissism. Ego. Superficiality. Overconsumption. Social media. Obsession. Viciously funny and darkly comic. Charlotte portrays a conveyer belt of hyper-functional characters, combining music, dazzling physical theatre, dance and bouffon in a dynamic, confrontational piece that will lead you down a rabbit hole of delicious chaos.

Presented by: Hightide and DugOut

Stevie used to believe everyone had a soundtrack to their life, until she got dropped off in Suffolk to live with her Grandma. Then Stevie meets Stan. Witty and moving, a rural teenage love story in all its awkward glory.

Presented by: Molodyi Teatr London

A reflection on loss and memory based on true stories from the war in Ukraine. Combining documentary theatre and music, the show asks what remains when someone dies in war.

Presented by: Morning People and 7th Function

Maria and Chris are on a journey together, but still looking for the destination. After an augment Chris goes missing and Maria knows that something is wrong. What he experiences is something incomprehensible and as he makes sense of it, his life begins to make more sense.

Presented by: StoneCrabs Theatre Company

Years after being forced to leave his rural town, Tieta returns with the promise to transform the town’s fortunes, but there is a condition attached to her charity: her quest for justice. Is Tieta’s call for justice, also an attempt at revenge?

Presented by: The Orange Works

‘Trans Pennine’ is a funny, fast-paced, and emotional play about family disagreements, gender-identity, and caravan holidays. Dad is angry, Ben is Amy, Mum is in the margarine tub.

Presented by: Clare Rebekah Pointing

A solo show, six different women. These ‘talking heads’ style monologues will make you laugh and cringe as we share a glimpse’s into these women’s daily lives, warts and all.

Presented by: Leo Mates

Brand new character comedy about world famous playwright, author, and bee wrangler, Hector Dunderbridge, who is unveiling his latest show, whilst also dealing with his burning hatred for Orlando Bloom.

Presented by: Kira Golightly

An original absurdist black comedy exploring human connection in the 21st century.

Presented by: The London Rep

A comedic and heartfelt exploration of class, politics and grief in a brand new collection of sketches, monologues, a short play and a short film screening with Q&A.

Presented by: 70:30

Two strangers share a room. Once inside, they cannot leave. As reality slowly distorts itself, this encounter becomes a darkly funny commentary on the toxic nature of the male psyche.

Presented by: The Florence Theatre Company

Danny sleeps rough. He enjoys drinking and chatting shit. Join him as you experience the anarchic energy of the Occupy movement through carol singing, outraged chanting and Anonymous masks.

Presented by: Two Pale Ladies

Far away in mystical Milton Keynes, Lucy is cursed with terrible embarrassment. On-the-brink of becoming 43, she must cure the curse tonight or forever be flushed in the face.

Presented by: Mia Johnson

A multi-disciplinary solo show exploring female masculinity, lesbianism and gender identity partly inspired by the rebellious butches of the early 20th Century and beyond.

Presented by: Rough Stock Theatre Company

Inspired by a true story, Bullarena is a tale of identity and how we choose to follow the truth behind ours.

Presented by: Seventh Sense Theatre

What happens when a soldier comes home, but not ‘home? Newly devised and written, Memory Soldier is a story of relationships in extreme circumstances, both on duty and beyond.

Presented by: LK Productions

A poetic play adapted from Lauren Kaye's debut collection 'I'm All In’. A love triangle told through her intimate and semi-biopic poems about attraction, amour, adulation and abhor.

Presented by: BATTLEAXE Theatre

Suspended beneath the earth’s crust five contemporary and historical warriors are pushed to their limits. Each brings their own history, but they train together to prepare for their battles ahead.

Presented by: Yoga Mahny Productions

This Yoga tragi-comedy will have you in stitches, in tears and tied up in knots. This is Yoga on Speed! Meet Shri Shri LA's most neurotic yoga teacher.

Presented by: Theatre East N Bull

The Parade is one of the most sophisticated contemporary texts of our time written by the Greek playwright Loula Anagnostaki. It is almost a warning about humanity’s inability to learn from past mistakes of war, fascism and their horror, thus repeating it over and over again. It is an intriguing play which is also very topical and universal.

Presented by: Loquitur Theatre

Join Lotta Quizeen as she saves last of humanity in her fully equipped underground stronghold. With recipes for canned goods, make up tips for this nuclear winter and post-apocalyptic dating to repopulate the planet.

Presented by: Tiny Room

It’s closing time at the local pub. It has been another day of the same for the barman Chris who needs an escape. The night is far from over though, as he is visited by some of the pub’s regulars. All feeling like disappointments in their own lives, they embark on a ​lock in of raised glasses and lower expectations.

Presented by: Fingers Crossed Theatre Company

1940. The last Kindertransport to escape the German forces has arrived in England. 3 friends. 7 decades. 1 tube ride. Mind the gap please between the past and the future.

Presented by: Norman aka the Dapper Rapper

New show from ex-Spitting Image writer Norman aka Dapper Rapper. Is all News Fake? Should opponents of Free Speech be locked up? Spoken Word Satirist Norman will reveal all!

Presented by: Theatre East N Bull

Two Lost in a Filthy Night is a very topical play by the contemporary Brazilian playwright Plinio Marcos. It is about two immigrants who try to survive in an alien world. They constantly fight and argue with each other while trying to stay alive in a foreign city. We witness their struggle to keep on going as well as their longings and dreams.

Presented by: STAMP

Where does funding from the arts come from? This latest STAMP event will offer an introduction to accessing funding as an independent theatre artist or company.

Presented by: Palindrom Productions

Emotion-packed new play that transports us to Kabul’s American University in August 2016, starting a few minutes before it was attacked by the Taliban. Rehearsed reading with post-performance discussion.

Presented by: Haley McGee

Can we turn sentimental value into cold, hard cash? The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale is a hilarious and daring show about the cost of love… or what love costs us.

Presented by: Live Beasts

A riot grrrl ritual. Two witches show a wronged woman how terrible her boyfriend has been – they use magik, and the magik is the audience.

Presented by: Gemma Brockis

Life ends here. In this room. You are welcome to watch. Just pay a little money, and turn up at the specified time. The password is SILENCE.

Presented by: River Gypsy Productions

The reality behind LGBT+ pregnancy. Alice and Melissa want to start a family. They document their journey on social media but when tragedy strikes, their grief becomes a public affair.

Presented by: FILTHpresents

With nothing on stage but a microphone, one woman plays with the balance of identity, envy and intoxication. In amongst the dancing, drinking and confessions we watch a woman unravel.

Presented by: Dirty Rascals and Louise Wilcox

Craft the resistance with Crimson Wave. Using the power of arts, crafts and genital fluids, she will give you tools to aid you in your fight against misogyny.

Presented by: British Intervention

Gesamtkunstwerk is an ongoing, ever-changing project fusing live art, music and protest. Constantly adapting to the volatile flux of modern politics, art consumption and social resistance

Presented by: Nicola Baldwin&Co

Expect mystery infection, a makeshift lab & experiments. Stranger than fiction.

Presented by: Joseph Morgan Schofield

beneath the synthetic terf, we’re looking at deep time, baby. this is a ritual for QUEER SURVIVAL, a stagger thru eco- and gender anxiety, via ancient Norse sex magick

Presented by: Susan Kempster

Eye is a close-up, a detail, an intimate dive into the world of wordless dialogue where so much is said. Sometimes comical, sometimes too close for comfort.

Presented by: Various artists

An explosive night of brand new work, featuring the latest recipients of our seed commissions to artists from BAME backgrounds

Presented by: Natasha Simone

Tash is Black. Tash is queer. Tash is a woman. All at the same time. A hilarious and captivating exploration of identity, power and belonging

Presented by: La JohnJoseph

A true and queer tale of a journey through the wasteland of mental illness. Somewhere between séance and recital, it delves into psychosis with compassion, hoping to find catharsis.

Presented by: The DICE Team

Six artists stand across from each other, waiting for their chance to perform - but it’s not up to any of us. It’s up to the dice roll.

Presented by: Tom Adams and Lillian Henley

Using live music, song and verbatim sleep recordings, a ★★★★ gig-theatre show about the joy and terror of sharing your bed with a sleep-talker

Presented by: Artists of Affection

From the dreamscapes of the makers behind Pecs Drag Kings comes a surrealist love song to female friendship. Kingdom: a show about two queer femme best friends who share a bedroom.

Presented by: Leyla Josephine

In a fiery collision of spoken word and theatre Leyla asks whether we can really make a difference or, if in fact, everything is broken beyond repair.

Presented by: Lanre Malaolu

Through a fusion of physical theatre and hip-hop dance, follow a day in the life of Michael and his internal and external battles with his mental health.

Presented by: Kelly Green

Part lecture, part hen party, with a sprinkling of a conference and the grittiness of a squat rave, CHAV is a timely comment on working class female identity.

Presented by: Mr and Mrs Clark

A one-man show about constructed fear that asks directly if the world wants us to feel safe. A brave, revealing and at times hilarious tour of one man’s fears.

Presented by: Barrel Organ

Barrel Organ’s scratch night LIVE is back. Experimental and radical new work from a whole host of companies and artists from under-represented backgrounds.

Presented by: MECHANIMAL

Zugunruhe (zoo-gun-rue) explores the incredible flight of a marsh warbler, the only bird whose song echoes its migration route. Body-compasses, magnetic fields, African sunsets, star-chasing... a wild look at migration.

Presented by: Catherine Dyson, Theatr Iolo & The Riverfront.

'So, what's it like round here?' The unheard, unbelievably true story of a girl called Maya; forever thirteen, forever on the move.

Presented by: Double Trouble

Is there only one version of what happened: of the departure, the journey, the arrival? Decades later, two people pick through the debris, piecing together a new version of the same story.

Presented by: Lindy Nsingo

Zambian born, London based choreographer Lindy Nsingo presents Belong. Using voice recordings from her family and traditional Zambian song, join Lindy for an evening of dance, informed by ideas of migration & refuge.

Presented by: SBC Theatre

When every citizen is ordered to return to their place of birth, Where We Began examines where we could end up. A wild and vivid vision of the future.

Presented by: Two Destination Language

A story of love, breaking free and Europe, from multi-award-winning Two Destination Language.

Presented by: Art Lingual UK

Has ‘immigrant’ become a dirty word? Art Lingual presents a devised, verbatim theatre piece that asks the hard...and soft questions about Brexit, immigration, and where we belong in the world.

Presented by: Various Artists

An explosive nights of work-in-progress exploring the themes of the festival. Full line-up to be announced soon. Part of No Direction Home festival.

Presented by: Jonathon

Mixing documentation, story-telling and an anarchic approach to performance: a solo show about a man travelling from Oxford to Istanbul dressed as a hobbit

Presented by: NotNow Collective

Join NotNow Collective in making and breaking pepper biscuits and family traditions. We follow a traditional Croatian recipe dating from the Renaissance, whilst treating you to a spicy-sweet story, and keeping an eye on the oven.

Presented by: NOMAD

An interconnected showcase of visual art, poetry, drama and music using our living knowledge as people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to challenge the myth surrounding migration/immigration in the world today.

Presented by: Music In Detention and Lois Weaver

A special public event which will bring together people from arts, migration and social justice backgrounds to explore the role of the arts in developing strategies around radical hospitality.

Presented by: Mo'min Swaitat, The Spacelab Programme

Devised through workshops for young refugees run by theatre-maker Mo’min Swaitat, Fragments explores the shattering and reintegration of cultures, memories, time and space, as experienced through the body in motion.

Presented by: Kitty Fedorec with The Misters of Circe

Global politics, historical echoes, a dead geopolitical therory, subculture as refuge and the music of The Sisters of Mercy. For one night we will make a heartland where we can all belong.

Presented by: Zad

How do you talk to your daughter about the trauma of a civil war? A play about intergenerational trauma, and the way it is told through funny, stylised stories of daily life.

Presented by: The Cocoa Butter Club

The Cocoa Butter Club celebrates performers of colour and their stories. Wrapped Burlesque, live music, drag, we are turning the heat up and inviting you to join a movement of culture, history and empowerment.

Presented by: Winnie Imara and Tamsin Newlands

One room - Ana and Joud are waiting. Thing is they don't know how long they're waiting for. How will they survive a system rigged against them? And what sacrifices will be made.

Presented by: Cut the Cord

Four toys escape their country at war to find a new place to call home. Written by children in response to the refugee crisis, Cut the Cord presents Beyond the Blue. 

Presented by: Cash Carraway

A semi autobiographical show about the media portrayal of working class women, government cuts to domestic violence services and life in a women’s refuge. Written and performed by Cash Carraway.

Presented by: Phosphoros Theatre

Four refugee and asylum-seeking young men take us from a pizza shop, across centuries and continents to explore past, present and futures. Revealing, witty, lyrical.

Presented by: Beth Higham-Edwards & Tom Hughes

As disease and riots rage outside, the two remaining members of Theatre Union of Artists(TM) make a show. Daughters of the Sun is an anarchic song cycle, sort of inspired by Maxim Gorky.

Presented by: CURTIS

The sound of droning guitar and staggering synths will act as a symphony for the forgotten in this piece about us and them. Status, patriotism, you, me, us & them.

Presented by: Jamal Gerald

Exploring free speech, Facebook debates, police brutality, privilege and self-reflection, Dogmatic focuses on what happened when Jamal became more aware of racial inequality and how he allowed this to consume him.

Presented by: Rose Eye

Solo gig-theatre exploring life in prison for young women in the UK. Winner of the Oberon Books New Play Award and the NSDF Camden People’s Theatre Award 2018.

Presented by: Vijay Patel

A cabaret/live art exploration of Indian corner shop culture. Vijay Patel questions notions of work, migration, and refuge through song, dance and ice cream.

Presented by: Pat Ashe & Thomas Martin

Explore the cutting edge of performance and play at London’s only night of theatre and video games! Now in its FIFTH year! Bleep bloop.

Presented by: Biscuit & Field

In Paid Fantasist we explore myths of Soho and the ravages of neo-liberalism. And we aim to be the most disappointing barbershop trio you’ve ever seen.

Presented by: Barrel Organ

Barrel Organ’s scratch night LIVE is back. Experimental and radical new work from a whole host of companies and artists from under-represented backgrounds.

Presented by: Emily Souter Johnson

Follow Emily on a heart-warming story of love and laughter back to Dublin, back in time, to the week her father died. There will be sing-a-longs, stories, laughter and tears all served with a healthy dose of brandy.

Presented by: Will Dickie

A 90-minute mix of jungle music, theatre, spoken word and ritual. It's not what you think - This is something you never raved to before.

Presented by: Various artists

An explosive night of brand new work, some of it by recipients of CPT’s seed commissions to artists from BAME backgrounds. Tonight’s performers include Kenton Jordan Thomas and Charlie George.

Presented by: Hugo Aguirre, Chloe Borthwick and Lizzie Manwaring

Emily is pregnant with a goat. Exactly what the title promises. An absurd comedy probing the peculiar relationship between humans and animals.

Presented by: Nick Field

Unicorns are everywhere right now, as are increasingly bizarre news cycles. But let’s not talk about that! Unicorn Party takes a sneaky gawp at what happens when escapism becomes inescapable.

Presented by: Josh Coates & Ali Pidsley

A solo work-in-progress about why/how we anthropomorphise robots and how that will effect society moving forward. A new collaboration between Josh Coates and Ali Pidsley

Presented by: Ada Mukhina

Welcome to RiskLab, a place to explore risk in art and artists at risk through technology.

Presented by: Beige Company Productions

Camels returns to London for an Edinburgh preview before heading up to perform with Underbelly in August. Catch the Camels with their 5-Star, sell out sketch show while you can.

Presented by: Various

Presented by: Hot Mess

Max and Anna filmed themselves writing silly sketches for a year to make sure they didn't miss a trick. See their funniest ideas from the last 12 months.

Presented by: Antosh Wojcik & Penned in the Margins

Using just his voice and a Roland TD-4KP electronic drumkit, Antosh Wojcik explores the effects of dementia on speech, memory and family through the moving story of his Polish grandfather.

Presented by: Milk Presents, Edalia Day & Lucy Hutson

Come As You Are Festival heads to Derby Theatre for a weekend of adventurous performance addressing attitudes towards and understanding of gender.

Presented by: Zootrophic

An improvised tragicomedy with movement, music and words directed by the audience.

Presented by: Milk Presents, Ray Filar, Liz Clarke & Tom Marshman

Come As You Are Festival heads to Theatre Royal Wakefield for a weekend of adventurous performance addressing attitudes towards and understanding of gender.

Presented by: Milk Presents, Ray Filar & Lucy Hutson

Come As You Are Festival heads to Metal and Vivacity Key Peterborough for a weekend of adventurous performance addressing attitudes towards and understanding of gender.

Presented by: Milk Presents, Ray Filar, Liz Clarke & Tom Marshman

Come As You Are Festival heads to Exeter Phoenix for a weekend of adventurous performance addressing attitudes towards and understanding of gender.

Presented by: Milk Presents, Ray Filar, Liz Clarke & Tom Marshman

Come As You Are Festival heads to Lighthouse, Poole for a weekend of adventurous performance addressing attitudes towards and understanding of gender.

Presented by: Jonluke McKie and Allison Davies

Combining the intimacy of a singer/song writer gig with theatre, The Devil Danced in Our Eyes explores sexuality, class and mental illness through soulful looped vocals and story-telling.

Presented by: Adam Welsh

HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE journeys between London and Egypt and involves Adam and the story of someone he’s never met. Let's call her Basila, which is not her real name, but it means Brave in Arabic.

Presented by: Trip Hazards

A woman. A man. A screen. Dance Dance Revolution. Trip Hazards' latest show follows a couple on the verge of a discovery that will change things forever.

Presented by: Roshi Nasehi

Roshi Nasehi’s encounters with bigotry have shown her that while racism is no laughing matter, it is risible. Through storytelling and music, she recounts her experiences.

Presented by: CPT

CPT's playful new docu-theatre event uncovers a small community, a huge infrastructure project – and the biggest exhumation in British history.

Presented by: STAMP

Join us for a conversation about how to pay yourselves, value yourselves and sustain yourselves in a theatre career with a specially curated panel of industry speakers.

Presented by: Various

Presented by: Presented by CPT & Counterpoints Arts

A unique night of standup comedy performed by people from refugee backgrounds

Presented by: D-Live! Theatre

An adaptation - performed in BSL - of Charles Dickens' famous Christmas ghost story ‘A Christmas Carol’

Presented by: Sh!t Theatre

Back by popular demand! A 2014, 2015, 2016 AND 2017 CPT Christmas sellout!

Presented by: Haley McGee

A post-show discussion for The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale. A night exploring how human relationships can be captured mathematically.

Presented by: Haley McGee

An evening of stories, songs, poems and movements exploring love & money & what it's all worth.

Presented by: Jennifer Tang

A powerful new show asking what it really means to be British and Chinese, and how family, love and belonging all shape who and what we are.

Presented by: Alissa Anne Jeun Yi

An eccentric mix of get-on-the-dance-floor music, comedy, rap and spoken word in this smash-hit coming-of-age story that's hilarious and heart-breaking in equal measure.

Presented by: Damien Warren-Smith

Come on a journey from Chaos to Achilles (with the new king of sillies) and experience Greek Mythology like you never knew you wanted to.

Presented by: Max Wilkinson

A man think he’s Franz Kafka living in Prague. As his dream is shattered he slips between different times and bodies... A black comedy about our obsession with the past. Developed in Prague with UNESCO and Potrva Theater.

Presented by: Tom Marshman

Return of the acclaimed docu-theatre show uncovering the hidden histories of LGBTQ communities in London during the 1980s through shared memories of the Kings Cross area

Presented by: Heidi Niemi & Sinikka Kyllönen

Two detectives tackle the criminal underworld of northern Finland. Long nights watching Scandi Noir have not been in vain. Their minds are sharp, their bodies strong. This is their moment!

Presented by: by Sharklegs

Robox was programmed with one ambition. To fulfil your every need. Welcome to the Fulfilment Centre. Let Robox deliver your journey to fulfilment. (Next day delivery also available.)

Presented by: Cheap Date

A visual monologue questioning the physical, verbal, facial, tonal, nuanced way we talk to the world and exploring the filth, fun and aftertaste of our everyday interactions.

Presented by: Stumble Trip Theatre

Combining clown, cabaret, theatre and mime Heather and Harry is an extremely silly unpicking of what it means to be human... and in LOVE.

Presented by: Gur Arie Piepskovitz

A Director wishes to create a show about the party his Jewish grandparents – uncertain about their future – threw the night before WW2. However, his crew has a different idea of how to get this party started.

Presented by: CPT & Counterpoint Arts

After the smash-hit success of its debut gig, come join us for more unexpected laughs from our talented team.

Presented by: BÉZNĂ Theatre

A rehearsed reading of a protest-theatre piece journeying through the Home Office’s human rights abuses against ‘the other’ and the profit made from the illegalisation of human beings.

Presented by: Freya Bardell

A comic look at a millennial trying to navigate her way to adulthood as best as she can, but finding that she may be failing at every turn.

Presented by: anorak

An intimate and surreal show about trying to be happy, fearing the world will end, and what happens when it does.

Presented by: Paula Varjack

Combines storytelling, sound design & choreography, exploring the weird and wonderful world of fashion. A playful critique on consumer culture. Why do we want the things we want?

Presented by: Daniel Spicer/ Dirty Rascals

Part interactive theatre, part audio-visual tour of a childhood, all catharsis.

Presented by: BOX. Theatre Company

A surreal and anarchic two-woman comedy packed with glitter, friendship and desperation. For those of you that can’t be yourself in real life, you Camp Be Yourself here.

Presented by: TomYumSim

A fantastical self-help seminar for extra-ordinary special people. Prepare to be transformed and reborn as the best possible version of yourself—in just one hour. Because you are special. And you know it.

Presented by: Janet

An off-piste two-man biography of Kate Moss, slaloming from the sublime to the ridiculous, and colliding storytelling, choreography, music and mime in a genre-bending look at fashion, fame and identity.

Presented by: Citizens Band Radio

In the middle of the Mojave Desert, dozens of miles from the nearest pavement, a phonebooth stands on a dirt road. One evening, in the 1990's, the phone starts ringing...

Presented by: Attila Theatre

A character led investigation into Incel phenomenon and the manosphere. Chris explores online misogyny and how the internet can hold safe spaces for young, lonely and angry men.

Presented by: Battered Soul Theatre

After a seismic change, David finds himself middle-aged, lost and unable to speak to anyone about it. Anyone, that is, apart from you. A genre-defying monologue from Battered Soul Theatre.

Presented by: Earwax

Earwax brings together women and femme identifying individuals who make noise. Expect live music, poetry, live edits and performance in an event which celebrates women’s voices.

Presented by: Various Artists

An explosive night of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge.

Presented by: Contingency Theatre

George has been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A meeting with the mysterious ‘J’. Follow Contingency’s stunning choreography, live music and surreal comedy through a world of bizarre, dangerous ambition.

Presented by: Katrina Quinn

Q. What happens when you move a 12-year-old from Basingstoke to Zambia? A. She swims. Spoken word meets physical theatre and '00s R&B in a touching and comic memoir.

Presented by: Ben Kulvichit

In 1992, celebrated contemporary artist Rirkrit Tiravanija cooked a Thai green curry for gallery visitors. Now Ben will do the same for you, exploring the meeting point between food and art.

Presented by: Marv Radio

Mantra is a journey into the power of words, sound and music by vocalist and storyteller Marv Radio. A high-energy hip-hop musical about mental health, music, healing and shamanism.

Presented by: Emma Clark & PJ Stanley

A multimedia exploration of the politics of auteurship, told through the films of Stanley Kubrick. What does it mean to take creative risks in an era where most are only granted one shot?

Presented by: Alex Rohmat

Music. Adverts. The news. Everything a great radio show needs to thrive. Oh, a good story, because we all love a good story, right? Hot Coffee, more than just radio.

Presented by: Mae-Li Evans

Full moon. Half moon. Total eclipse. Drawing inspiration from home videos, personal testimonies and that jaffa cake advert, Totality explores the inexplicable experience of watching a total solar eclipse.

Presented by: Josephine Starte and Anna Clock

Children are priceless. Teaching assistants earn minimum wage. Au pairs work for free. Who looks after your kids and how much should it cost? A rant. A conversation. A mess.

Presented by: Last Word

Paris (1730) Shop workers executed their masters' cats in one of the first workers' protests. London (2018) 14 million live in poverty. An irreverent, absurdist exploration of late stage capitalism.