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until Sat 26 Sep, 2020

Presented by: CPT

CPT's beer is finally coming out of lockdown and we need YOU to provide the welcoming party.

Tickets £6 (members go free!)

Thu 1 Oct, 2020

Presented by: SBC Theatre

An urgent portrayal of life in the UK for many migrants, Where We Are follows Tafadzwa Muchenje who successfully appealed a Home Office decision to deport him but still remains in limbo.

Tickets Free

Fri 9 Oct, 2020 to Sat 10 Oct, 2020

Presented by: Bonnie Chan and Joyce Nga Yu Lee

What is it like being a “Hong Konger”? Bonnie and Joyce are the last of their kind, if they don’t tell their stories, now, they will never be told.

Tickets Pay What You Can

Wed 21 Oct, 2020

Presented by: Kill The Cat

A new interactive game theatre piece that you can play from the comfort of your own home. Exploring the climate crisis, self-isolation and gambling with the planet’s future.

Tickets Pay What You Can