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Presented by She Goat

A late-night radio show (that’s really a podcast) about the undefinable qualities of love.

Two dudes. Well, kind of dudes. A garage studio. A late-night broadcast.
Time slips between noughties beats and 19th century yearning.
The dudes slip between instruments. Everything gets tangled.
Our kind of love is tangled and slippery. Love in the in-between.
Love that doesn’t have language yet.
This is The Undefinable.

Once a live gig-theatre show, now a six-part audio series. From the Franglais duo who brought you ‘DoppelDänger’ (★★★★ The Stage).

Six episodes of hot genre-straddling tunes, intimate talk radio, and weird old love letters.

A coffee-fuelled ode to alternative and underrepresented ways of loving and having relationships.

Featuring: George Sand! Audre Lorde! That fella who wrote Moby Dick! The coded language of Polari! Glass prisms! Egg yolks! And more!

Top up your coffee cup, pop us in your ears, and let’s embark on a queer-platonic sonic quest into the unknown future and forgotten past of doing love differently.

The Undefinable podcast series is:
- Co-created and performed by She Goat (Shamira Turner and Eugénie Pastor).
- Recorded by Sam Halmarack.
- Supported using project funding from Arts Council England and the National Lottery.
- Originally created as a live gig theatre show: Commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre, where it premiered in December 2019. Supported by Battersea Arts Centre.
- 'The Undefinable' carries Extant’s ‘Enhance Mark’ for integrated access. Images by James Allan. Trailer video by Sam Halmarack.

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Content to Consider

This show contains references to references to: unrequited love; touch; sex; nudity; non-mononormative and non-heteronormative relationships. All references are generally signposted and gentle.

If you have any other questions or enquiries that are not covered here please do get in touch by emailing James, our General Manager on [email protected]

About the company

She Goat is Shamira Turner and Eugénie Pastor, a Franglais duo intent on blurring the territories of theatre and live music, extravagant multi-tasking and disrupting gender expectations. Creations include 'DoppelDänger', 'The Undefinable' and bespoke online listening parties 'Curious Hearts Song Club'. They seek innovative ways to make all their work accessible to visually impaired audiences. Both are associate artists of award-winning Little Bulb Theatre. | Twitter: @shegoatx | Instagram: @shegoatx | #TheUndefinable