You Are Already Dead

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25 May 2015 to 25 May 2014 at 7.30pm

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£12 / 10

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You Are Already Dead is a night of unconventional storytelling methods, of collaborations between strangers and aliens, of Art and artists making a mess. Theatre-makers working with non-theatre-makers, seeing through each others’ eyes. We start from ‘texts’ (a text can be anything)*. Then we go anywhere. 

YAAD provides a space where artists of various disciplines can be linked together using theatre and performance as a bridge. Many 'new writing' events favour the psychologically motivated character, the beginning-middle-end structure, the employment of words as the dominant medium to convey meaning.

But perhaps we are more than our psyches. Perhaps cognition does not always work in a linear fashion. And certainly we have other means besides words in which to express ourselves. YAAD presents writing in its loosest form – as the generative act: writing as speech, writing as movement, as filming, recording, observing. By extension, 'text' becomes the moment translated: text becomes recitation, becomes dance, the film, the recording, the memory.

*Send us a ‘text’! [email protected] and

About the company

Mal and Al are London-based theatre-makers who’ve worked together in the past – this is their first major collaboration. Mal works across live performance as a performer, technician, and sound designer. Alan is writer, director and artist. He runs National Art Service and is a member of ROOM.

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