[Cancelled] White Girls [Will] Kill Me

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14-16, 21-21 & 28-30 May 2020 at 7.15pm

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Due to government advice relating to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event is no longer taking place. To read our full message to audiences, please click here

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Presented by Natasha Brown

You know how in Monopoly you get those ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ cards? You roll the dice, land in jail and deploy the card. You’re free. What if people used them in real life?

A ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ is now a common metaphor to refer to anything that gets someone out of an undesirable situation or allows them to avoid punishment.

Could be through gaslighting.
Could be through defensiveness.
Could be through Tears.

But what happens when the card doesn’t work anymore? Let’s play a game.

WHITE GIRLS [WILL] KILL ME is a provocative and satirical look at the power, privilege and destructiveness of ‘White Feminism’ and how to stop it.


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About the artist

Natasha Brown is an actor, writer, theatre-maker and facilitator based in London. Her work interrogates power, identity and community.

She is part of the Soho Writers’ Lab and the Bush Theatre’s Emerging Writers’ Group.

Twitter: @OhHiTash | Instagram: @OhHiTash_ | #WhiteGirlsWillKillMe

Image credit (c) Natasha Brown

Image description: the statement “White Girls [Will] Kill Me” on a pink background.

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