Where Will We Live

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Fri 15 - Sat 16 Jan at 9pm (45mins)

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Part of Whose London Is It Anyway?, a festival of theatre, performance and discussion exploring the changing face of our capital city.

Presented by Changing Face Collective

“Whether you’re green, you’re black, you’re white, we are together. We laugh together. But now I gotta leave. Where will I go?”
– Stella, Brixton Arches under threat of eviction

“Yeah, it’s white middle-class coming spending their money. Is that such a bad thing? If that’s bringing people in, that’s bringing cash.”
– Jack Hopkins, Lambeth Councillor for jobs and growth

Where Will We Live? is Changing Face Collective’s new verbatim play revealing the human stories behind the hyper-regeneration of London. Set in Brixton’s Arches and Lambeth’s council estates, the play’s unforgettable characters bring to life the real challenges of gentrification.

This theatrical tapestry – weaving music, humour and movement through interviews with politicians, and people living with eviction – packs a punch. What happens to a vibrant community when faced with rising rents, evictions or demolition of their homes? The title of this fast-paced production is a quote from film director Spike Lee on New York – gentrification is a global issue.

Written by journalist and award-winning writer Elisabeth Winkler, in collaboration with the director, Lucy Curtis, the play is based on hundreds of interviews gathered and transcribed by Changing Face Collective. Based in the centre of Brixton, the collective first came together in response to the 2011 Tottenham and Brixton riots.

“Rough, raucous but absolutely right-headed… shines as brightly and briefly as a flare. It’s unapologetic in its politics, but skilfully wrought in its balancing of facts and figures with raw emotional realities” ★★★★ – The Stage November 2015

Accompanied by an immersive exhibition of photography and film, Where Will We Live? is both a documentation and celebration of the people who make London what it is, and asks: what is a community worth? How do we quantify home?

Catch Where Will We Live in a double bill with This Is Private Property (7.15pm) or An Essay on Reality (5pm). Two shows for £16.

About the company

Changing Face Collective aims to discover and collaborate with emerging theatre-makers and artists. We produce and commission work about the changes we see in our communities across the world.

Founded by Lucy Curtis and Dashti Jahfar in 2014, we specialise in documentary and verbatim theatre, portrait photography and film.

@Changing_Face | www.changingfacecollective.com

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