What the Funk is Jazz?

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Thur 18 - Sat 20 Feb at 7.30pm

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Present by UCLU Jazz Society

‘What the funk is jazz?’ is a musical production that aims to explore the concept of jazz and trace its influences through three movements: funk/hip-hop, electronica and modern jazz. The first half will contain the first two movements (Funk/Hip-Hop and Electronica) after which there will be an interval separating the last movement. Jazz has evolved a great deal over the years since its original conception and its influences on popular music over the years are innumerable. ‘What the funk is jazz?’ will present a picture of where jazz is now, with a blend of contemporary jazz including modern bebop, nu-jazz, jazz-funk and fusion. All of these jazz styles draw on other genres, such as rock, funk and hip-hop. This production will seek to show the audience these influences and illustrate what makes jazz fresh and exciting. We aim to base this show on a band of around 15-20 musicians and up to 5 singers. The dress code different to the traditional black tie will instead reflect the vibe of the respective movement. In addition we hope to use lighting as a means of creating an atmosphere that corresponds to the movement at hand. Our aim is to create an environment that engages the audience and plays with their expectations of what jazz is or has developed into. We envisage the show to have an extensive audience; it will not only be of interest to those already involved in the arts societies but, by including well known artists and songs, it should also reach those who are not.

About the Company

UCLU Jazz society is an eclectic group of students who all share a common love of Jazz. We are open to people of all ages and abilities, regardless of previous experience, and strive to improve each individual. Our mission statement is to make and appreciate good jazz music whilst having as much fun as possible. . .

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