We Choose To Go To The Moon

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Sat 07 Nov 2015 to Sun 08 Nov 2015 at 9pm

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£12 / 10

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Presented by Cape Theatre

Part of ‘Fitter Happier More Productive’: a selection of cutting-edge artists respond to the cult of self-betterment, and explore how it feels to be imperfect in its shadow.

Commenting on self-help culture and celebrity obsession, two performers strive to make an audience love them over the course of an hour.

This is about charisma: what it is, who has it and if it is possible to learn it. Inspired by the self-help manual The Charisma Effect by Andrew Leigh, this performance sees two artists attempt to win round an audience by being as charismatic as possible.

Cape Theatre re-enact fragments of their charismatic idol John F Kennedy’s life, through their own imagination, to understand the desire for perfection. How do you make a nation fall in love with you, and how do you make an audience feel the same way?

A work-in-progress version of We Choose to go to the Moon was presented as part of the Starting Blocks 2015 showcase, and now returns to CPT for its premiere.

About the company

Cape Theatre write and devise original performance that celebrates shared experiences amongst diverse audiences. As a duo, they create performances that draw an audience into thinking about their individuality and position in society, whilst encouraging them to explore an alternate position. They use a DIY aesthetic and playful personas to make performances that excite, energise and entertain.

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