Walk With Me

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Thur 10 March at 9pm

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Presented by Katharine Rose Williams Radojicic & Trevor A Toussaint

Work in Progress Performance

If NATO troops in the Middle East carry no weapons, what happens?

Katharine and Trevor start with the peaceful revolutions led by Ghandi and Martin Luther King in India and the USA, and explore how the peaceful overturning of Milošević in Yugoslavia in 2000 rippled through the Balkans and the Soviet Union in the different Coloured Revolutions.

They imagine how the Brixton riots and the miner’s strikes of the 1980’s would have occurred differently if our police were committed to peace over violence.

They look at how the UK’s present day prison service compares to that we had during the Strangeways Riot of 1990; what happens now when men get up on the prison roof to protest… and what happens when those that have come through the prison service return as staff members to guide the way.

It is a show about seeing, and being seen.

It is about similarities, not differences.

About looking, and being with, and not seeking to change each other from a place of fear.

About how the #illridewithyou movement mirrors and speaks to the Witnesses in South America who escort those at risk of being assassinated, and who increase the likelihood of them staying alive.

And about what all of this means for the troops in the Middle East: if they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those they protect, and eye-to-eye with those on the other side, what kind of peace is possible?

Part of Sprint Festival 2016: London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from across the UK and beyond.

Catch Walk with Me in a Triple bill with Declining Solo & Matthew Robins vs. The Eyeders on the same evening. Three short shows for just £18!

About the Artists

Katharine and Trevor are both fascinated with connecting with the humanity and complexity at the heart of each human.  Their work reflects this.



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