Voodoo Jazz

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9-11 Feb at 7:30pm

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£5/ 3 (conc.)

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Presented by UCLU Jazz Society

Voodoo Jazz is a fusion of styles that combines funk, disco, jazz and latin grooves. Expect harmonic exploration, diverse instrumentation and wild improvisation.

Voodoo religion began when spiritual practices, brought over by slaves from West Africa, combined with Catholic and Francophile traditions in New Orleans.

Taking the music of New Orleans as a starting point we take key elements of Voodoo religion and apply them to musical experimentation, fusing Latin American grooves, funk and traditional jazz music. By experimenting with unorthodox instrumentation and fusing rhythmic and harmonic influences from different musical traditions we aim to find a new sound within the genre of Jazz.

Within the Voodoo tradition there is no absolute authority or single sacred scripture. Similarly in Voodoo Jazz the power balance of the musical ensemble is altered with each instrument have an equal and important voice. Every song in the show has an element of fusion, experimentation or strangeness whilst remaining an evening of accessible and enjoyable music.

We will make you move and groove, scream and laugh and then shatter your conceptions of the possibilities of music.

About the company

UCLU Jazz society is an eclectic group of students who all share a common love of Jazz. We are open to people of all ages and abilities and strive to improve each individual. Our mission statement is to make and appreciate good jazz music whilst having as much fun as possible.

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