Us and Them

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Fri 13 May at 7.30pm

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Presented by Tetrad Collective

Us and Them brings together people who are excited and inspired by innovative, bold and thought provoking experiences of performance. Watch performances by Tetrad collective members, alongside developing work from guest artists within the fields of comedy, dance, theatre, live art and multimedia performance. All this accompanied by Tetrad’s trademark unconventional hosting methods using games, scores and sketches to segue from one performance to the next. In this scratch night with a difference Tetrad will be bringing together East Midlands and London based artists for a truly unique event.

The evening will include performances from:

Daniel Nicholas
‘Imagine if Tim Burton made a stand up game show and it might be a little something like this…’ @EllisonNicholas

Thomas Jancis, La Beauté
In his interactive piece Total-Theatre- nominated artist Thomas Jancis explores what one must sacrifice to make a change. @ThomasJancis

Felicity BarrowManifesto of the Human Fulcura
The furcula is the ‘wishbone’ of a bird.  This performance explores the purpose of the furcula in terms of both science and superstition. @felicity_barrow

Ant Lightfoot, Harem Pants
“I realised I was probably depressed when I bought some harem pants on eBay and genuinely thought they’d look good.” @Mrheavyhand

Katrina RankovicA Ritual Resuscitation of Eternal Lovers
“A Ritual Resuscitation of Eternal Lovers” is a stealthy script inviting unprecedented futures. Where programmers script for intelligence, this text uses natural language to script for agency.

About the Company

Founded in 2014, Tetrad is a collective led by artists, dedicated to engaging with the creative discourse of performance practices through the bringing together of artists, thinkers and citizens.

Tetrad is active in maintaining a network of artists and researchers, offering platforms and opportunities without walls to discuss, observe, reflect, act, write, film and move in response to exchanging current performative ideas.

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