UK:RIP scratch night

Dates and Times

6 June 2014 to 6 June 2014 at 8.30pm

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£10, £8 concs

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Part of our UK:RIP week

Come and join us for a mixed bill of hot-off-the-press work exploring Britishness, nationhood and independence in the light of Scotland's upcoming vote to separate from the UK.

In September 2014, Scotland votes on its independence from the United Kingdom. Polls suggest the Yes campaign is fast gaining ground. Are you ready to see Britain dismembered? What would we lose? What’s at stake?

Tonight, we showcase brand new projects including: Half English, Half Scottish, All British by Allan Taylor; Corff, or My Welsh Body by Tara Robinson, Steffan Donnelly and the Conker Group; and Taste of Water by Josh Coates.

There'll also be video work by Foxy & Husk – trailing her new project Fox Symphony – in our foyer. And audiences can see Will Adamsdale's brand new project The Joke – also part of our UK:RIP week – at 7pm on the same evening.

Come join us, to grapple with the concept of Britishness before that concept (sort of) ceases to exist…


Corff or My Welsh Body (work-in-progress)
by The Conker Group, created by Tara Robinson & Steffan Donnelly

One tall, skinny Welshman with an agenda of national importance: there’s more to being Welsh than having the accent. Often messy, usually clever and always heartfelt, The Conker Group return in a new collaboration with Steffan Donnelly. What’s authenticity? How do stories help? And what the ffwrch will happen to Wales? Expect drowning druids, a crucial song, and the mystery of the well. 

Half English, Half Scottish, All British (work-in-progress)
by Allan Taylor

Allan was born in a town in England nicknamed 'Little Scotland', where 20% of the population are indigenious Scots – including his family. Allan always stands for 'Flower Of Scotland', loves drinking Irn Bru, eating fish suppers from the chippy and doesn’t flinch at the idea of haggis for dinner, but has always felt slightly ashamed of the fact that he sounds so… Well, English. With Scottish independence looming on the horizon, Allan describes how he is conflicted in his national identity – is he English, Scottish or British?

In this new scratch performance lecture Half English, Half Scottish, All British, Allan mixes personal history with a pertinent political issue and questions what the markers of Scottish identity are, how we measure ‘Scottishness’, and how we decide who has a stake in Scotland’s heritage – and who doesn’t.

Taste of Water
by Josh Coates

Taste of Water tells the story of two men reconnecting over their home countries past and national pride. Using the story of the drowned valley Capel Celyn as a warning, this piece explore what it means to be a nationalist in the contemporary political climate and the repurcussions of events from our history effect us today. 

Josh Coates is a theatre maker from the grey side of Bolton, England, who explores the role of the storyteller in contemporary performance. He has worked alongside Blast Theory, Daniel Bye and Belarus Free Theatre. He is co-founder of performance company and band Tin Tin and an associate artist with LEAP (Lancaster Emerging Arts Platform). Josh has presented work in Manchester, Newcastle and London but has yet to perform in Bolton. This breaks his little heart.

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