Time: Four. Us Two.

Dates and Times

19 February 2014 to 22 February 2014 at 7.30pm on Weds&Thurs, 9.30pm on Fri&Sat

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One man's egg timer is another man's renaissance.

Two survivors shelter from the uncertainty outside. 
In the fading light they debate the truth, eat more cold beans & plan for the world they will create when they emerge. 

Somewhere far away, three Stage Managers are working on a classical play. Amid the drama and bloodshed they struggle for power, lament the tragedy of a lost prop and pray they just make it to the end of their shift. . .

'Closing The Gap After Hours'

Part of Closing The Gap's mission is to close the gap between the audience and the theatre makers. It is with this intention that we are pleased to host a number of free 'after hours' events to accompany this show. Audience members are welcome to attend any or all of these events which we hope will give an insight into how our work is created.

Wednesday 19th February 8:45pm-9:15pm:
Whose idea was it anyway? Theatre of the Absurd in modern society.

Thursday 20th February 8:45pm-9:15pm:
Making it up. Devising the show.

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