This is not an Egg

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Thu 17 March at 8pm

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Presented by Dan Hills 

Work in Progress Performance


This is not an egg is a task based exploration surrounding the idea of choice, using live performance in a DIY aesthetic. This is not an egg looks at the subconscious and how making a choice is never an easy option. This is not an egg is a darkly comic, un-nerving performance that plays on the control of audience and performer, taking the audience on an exploration of a lost individual in a world where we must make the right choices in order to be accepted into society.

This performance aims to explore the stigmas surrounding homosexuality and the idea of choice. Using research into aversion therapy and the stories surrounding choice within popular culture, I aim to create a performance that questions the taboo of ‘choosing’ to be something that ultimately you can’t change.

Part of Sprint Festival 2016: London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from across the UK and beyond.

Catch This is Not an Egg in a Triple bill with Bricking it & Balancing Acts. Three short shows for just £18!

About the Artist 

I am a performer and part of emerging theatre collaboration Cool Hunting. We’ve recently completed our show ‘Kate Pierson Hurts, Sometimes’ which we showed at CPT as part of Sprint 2014 under the name ‘Now That’s What I Call A Tribute.’ We create work about our relationship to pop culture and the absurdity of trends.   As a solo performer I like to look at the darker sides of the human subconscious in order to question and find humour within. I like to make work that is visually stimulating, sporadic and testing. I create performances that push my body in order to answer questions


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