The Xavier Project

Dates and Times

7 July 2014 to 7 July 2014 at 7.30pm

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£12 / £10 (conc)

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Presented by Wishbone

Total Theatre Award winners, Wishbone, are back with a new show that explores loneliness, trust, identity – and the creative process itself. 

The Xavier Project is the story of the relationship between a researcher, Clive Armstrong, and Steven Kidbrook, the lone speaker of a mysterious language. Clive finds it hard to get to the truth about Steven, but Steven in turn isn’t sure whether to trust Clive with his secret. Set in the edgelands along the Thames Estuary, The Xavier Project blends heightened theatricality and documentary film.

About the company

Initiated in 2001, Wishbone is a creative partnership between Karen Glossop and Paul Murray.

We make theatre shows from scratch, writing and devising original scripts and designing the sets. We always direct our shows. We sometimes perform too. We like collaborating with other artists, and welcome the ideas that they bring to the mix.

We are serious about innovating theatrical form. We believe a story should be told through a montage of images and sounds as well as dialogue. Our inspiration comes from paintings, architecture, novels, TV and movies. We like to play with your perceptions by hiding, revealing and framing what you see. You might even be unsettled and delighted by the odd magic illusion.

Whatever techniques or styles we draw on, we want to pull you into an imaginary theatrical world which makes you re-evaluate your perspective on the real one in which we all live.

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