No Direction Home: The Unwritten Tales of the Tongue

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Wed 31 Oct at 7:15pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Featured in No Direction Home: a festival exploring displacement, migration and refuge Browse the full line-up here.

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Presented by NOMAD

The Unwritten Tales of Tongue is the outcome of a series of workshops and conversations using creative methods to explore the following questions/themes: 

What does it mean to be British? What is nationality, and how does it connect or contradict with other parts of our identity? What does it feel like to be a migrant or a refugee living in Britain right now? What impact did the Brexit vote have on young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds? Is it possible to feel ‘British’ as a migrant in the UK right now? What are the implications of Brexit and the current political climate for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds? What kind of a Britain do we dream of? How can we hope to build that dream together? Come and join us for an interactive play where we can build the future of our country together.  

Learn more about The Unwritten Tales of the Tongue project here.


 About the Company

NOMAD is a charity i) led by people from refugee backgrounds, ii) work across the generations iii) build bridges with white British communities also suffering from austerity. We use the arts in order to generate our own knowledge and share our experiences. We aim to generate a real sense of connection between communities where humanity is the root, creating a common ground to bring the most disadvantaged people together to recognise their own POWER, better their own lives and the future of the next generation. 

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 Image credit: (c) NOMAD-UK

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