The Trojan Women

Dates and Times

8 June 2015 to 8 June 2014 at 7.30pm

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£10 / 8

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Presented by Unmasked Theatre

War has come. What you know, it is no more.

A new take on Euripides’ classic drama, Unmasked Theatre present their debut production, The Trojan Women. In a post-nuclear fall-out, with the enemy coming, an ageing queen tries to keep her populace together, a princess tries to save her son and the surviving women stand together. A heart-breaking tragedy of loss, unity and patriotism set eerily close to our own world. Adapted and directed by Pip O’Neill and Luke Ofield.

About the company

Unmasked’s work revolves around the modernising and adapting of classical literature for the modern stage. We want to help remember why these stories are deemed so important to us and what they have to say. A heavily ensemble company, we work in intimate spaces, sharing our experiences and narratives.


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