The State We’re In: The CPT Hustings

Dates and Times

1 May 2015 to 1 May 2014 at 7.30pm

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£12 / 10

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Part of The State We're In : three weeks of political work leading up to the General Election

Labour, Tory, Green, SNP? Maybe you'd consider Lib Dem? No, we thought not…

You can wait till next Thursday 7 May, or you can jump the election starting gun, and cast your vote TONIGHT for who you want to run the UK. But first, let some of the country's most exciting theatre artists make their pitch. We've got candidates representing (sometimes against their will) UKIP and Labour, Greens and Conservatives, and the other lot. We can't guarantee they'll be serious. We promise they won't resemble any stump speech you've ever seen before. But when the bidding for your vote is done, it's down to you to decide who wins The CPT Hustings, and who's in poll position to form the next government.

Artists/candidates making their pitch include Richard DeDomenici (Lib Dem), Hester Chillingworth (SNP), Thomas Martin (Labour), Rachael Clerke (Tories), Emma Frankland (UKIP), Ira Brand (Greens) – and Daniel Bye, representing None of the Above. (Peter Snow and David Dimbleby have yet to confirm attendance.)

Remember, your ancestors died for the right to vote. So: be there.

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