The State We’re In : Right Honourable Gentlemen

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28 April 2015 to 29 April 2014 at 9pm

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Part of The State We're In : three weeks of political work leading up to the General Election

Presented by The Same But Different

Right Honourable Gentlemen aims to explore the 'game' of the parliamentary election process – with all the party tactics, glitter and general absurdity that ensues in this modern popularity contest – by focusing on the format of the TV debates, a relatively new addition to the election process in the UK. When we judge our candidates on appearance and personality rather than policy, what do we sacrifice? What's it all for? Who is it all for? Who wins… and does it matter? 

Watch as both parties fail, redeem themselves and then inevitably fail again as they desperately try to distract and impress potential voters just long enough to survive the evening.

About the company

The Same, But Different are an emerging theatre company based in London and Barcelona. Their work aims to highlight the absurdity of our modern times and daily rituals through a mix of absurdist comedy, multimedia and a diverse divising practice… and mild male nudity.


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