The Seagull, or why Masha always wears black

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Wed 21 Sep at 9pm

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£12 / 10 (conc)

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Part of Calm Down Dear, CPT’s unique festival of innovative feminist performance. Catch two shows in one night for just £16 with our double bill offer. Browse the rest of the programme here.

Presented by ThisIsNotATest

‘Smoke a cigar ordrinkaglassofvodkaandyou’renolongeryou–you’reyouplussomeoneelse.Theself  grows blurred and you start to see yourself as a third person – not as ‘I’ but as ‘[s]he’.’(Dorn, Act II The Seagull)

Masha always wears black.
Maria prefers blue.
Masha drinks vodka and takes snuff.
Maria drinks coke zero.
Masha is in love with Konstantin.
Maria is a married woman.
Masha wants you to know how unhappy she is.
Maria is the life and soul of the party.
Masha has no idea who Maria is.
Maria has always loved Masha.
Masha cannot exist without Maria.

A devised piece, based on the character of Masha in Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull, exploring the relationship between identity and performance. The Seagull, Or Why Masha Always Wears Black is about the need for a story to be witnessed, about a desire to be seen and heard, and what it means to perform in front of an audience. Giving voice to a character who is otherwise confined to the margins, The Seagull, Or Why Masha Always Wears Black examines what it really means to try to be someone else.

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ThisIsNotATest make theatre that is live, loud, playful, adventurous, honest and ambitious. We are  storytellers and theatre­makers and experimentation and creativity are at the heart of what we do. Our  performance style is eclectic and we embrace taking risks. We push the medium, ourselves and our  audiences to their limits: we want to put the very idea of theatre to the test.

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