The People’s Tribunal on Crimes of Aggression: Afghanistan Sessions

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Thursday 9th September- Saturday 11th September at 10am, 1pm, 5pm & 8pm

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Presented by BÉZNĂ Theatre

The People’s Tribunal on Crimes of Aggression: Afghanistan Sessions is a durational artistic tribunal built and run by impacted communities. First-person testimonies, expert witnesses and physical evidence will be presented through performance in an effort to artistically shift the focus onto the crimes of the UK state and prove that the war in Afghanistan, a war referred to as ‘The Good War’, was a crime of aggression.

The People’s Tribunal on Crimes of Aggression: Afghanistan Sessions is not only a diplomatic and mediative process, but a long overdue authentic community-run People’s Tribunal that aims to disrupt the Islamophobic narrative and the structurally racist pro-empire culture and values of militarism ever-present in British society.

You can attend one session, a whole day or all three days to witness the truth-telling. For individuals who don’t feel comfortable presenting their testimony, actors will present their words verbatim. Present will be judges who on the final day will conclude the case and pass their verdict.

Evening sessions will tend to be sharings of supporting evidence including documentaries, rather than testimony.

You can watch at the times below online for free here. Register to receive alerts and the archive footage when it’s released.

Created by – BÉZNĂ Theatre (Sînziana Cojocărescu, Nico Vaccari & Claire Gilbert)

Researchers & Dramaturgs – Laura Disley, Inuri Tennakoon, Xhulia Tepshi, Catriona Gotz, Tanmeet Singh, Zuhalhan Kızıltuğ, Nina Prusac, Alice Cropper and Lena Wammer Østgaard

Commissioned writers for testimony – Shala Nyx, Monirah Hashemi, more to be announced

Cast – Shala Nyx, Lizzie Clarke, Sama Rantisi, more to be announced

Testimony & recording direction – Ala Buisir 

Composition – Kareem Samara 

Assistant Director – Lora Krasteva

Seed commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre, supported by Arts Council England, Shadow World Investigations and International State Crime Initiative.

Please note that tickets are available to book for each individual performance under the headings below.

Thu 9th Sep 1pm-3pm Trial Session 1: Swearing in

Opening statement & International Law

This session will include testimony from Richard Falk & Dr Thomas McMacManus as well as outline the purpose for the People’s Tribunal.

Please be aware that within this session there is discussion of war crimes and may be triggering, especially to those who have experienced conflict.

Thu 9th Sep 5pm-7pm

Trial Session 2: Background on Afghanistan

This session will include testimony written & performed by Monirah Hashemi & testimony constructed from the writings of Gulwali Passarlay.

Please be aware that within this session there are descriptions of violence, aggression and war crimes directly addressed to the audience. Genocide, violence against women & forced migration are all referenced. There are no graphic images but it may be triggering, especially if you have experience of conflict or generational trauma. 

Thu 9th Sep 8pm-9:30pm Trial Session 3:Political reasonings

This session will include testimony from Anonymous British Ambassador.

Please be aware that this session may be triggering for those who have experience of conflict / occupation. 

Fri 10th Sep 10am-12pm

Trial Session 4: Domestic Legislation

This session will include testimony from Asim Qureshi and Anonymous women

Please be aware this session will include examples of Islamaphobia, hate crime and may be triggering to those who have experienced religious discrimination. It also includes descriptions of violence against women.

Fri 10th Sep 1pm-3pm

Trial Session 5: Torture

This session will include testimony from Moazzam Begg & those who wish to remain anonymous

Please be aware this session will include descriptions of torture, violence & forced imprisonment. It will feature archive news footage as well as live testimony.

Fri 10th Sep LUNCH BREAK
Fri 10 Sep 5pm-7pm

Trial Session 6: Arms Trade

This session will include testimony from Habib Ahmadi, Andrew Feinstein & Lawrence Wilkerson.

Please be aware this includes discussion of arms dealings & trade and will be triggering for those who have experienced conflict or arms. 

Fri 10 Sep 8pm-9:30pm Evidence Session: Screening of Shadow World Film.

This session is a screening only, more information on the film:

Sat 11th Sep 10am-12pm

Trial Session 7: Defense & Reality of Invasion

This session will include testimony from Nivi Manchanda, as well as those written by Shala Nyx & Chris Thorpe.

Please be aware this session includes depictions of violence, death and conflict. It may be triggering to those who have experienced gun violence or war zones. 

Sat 11th Sep 1pm-3pm

Trial Session 8: Treatment of Refugees, Voices of Others & Closing Statement

This session includes testimony from Alexandra Mihalcea, Shah Jahan, Mirwaiz, Gulwali Passarlay & Dr. Monish Bhatia as well as the closing statement.

Please be aware this session includes violence against women & children, descriptions of conflict, children under the occupation and a will be triggering for anyone who has experienced the above.

Sat 11th Sep LUNCH BREAK
Sat 11th Sep 5pm-6pm Verdict & Recommendations 
Sat 11th Sep 8pm-9:30pm About This Dark Time concert


This performance contains themes of conflict and displacement. The company believes this material is highly sensitive and will include traumatic descriptions of violence, audiences will be able to leave/ re-enter at any time.


The company don’t believe there are any health warnings in this performance.

If you have any other questions or enquiries that are not covered here please do get in touch by emailing [email protected].

About the company

BÉZNA Theatre is a British-Romanian political theatre collective who make theatre to investigate societal inequalities & confront institutionalised & normalised violences. Pivotal to our work are close collaborations with activists & academics during field research, inclusion of communities in our creative process & emancipatory wrap-around actions to enact lasting change. | Twitter: @BEZNATheatre | Instagram: @beznatheatre | Facebook: @BeznaTheatre | #CrimesOfAggression #PeoplesTribunal

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