The old image of being loved

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Tue 22 March at 7.15pm

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Presented by Oscar Silva


The old image of being loved is a theatre event where the audience is invited to co-create a long-time fictional artistic project entitled “Touch”.

The old image of being loved is the convergence of two events (the piece of art in continuous creation and the theatre performance) existing at the same time in the same space—two dramaturgical lines that join and depend on each other. Photography, scene proposals, dramaturgical drafts, sketches, and rough theatre attempts are all components that move this multidisciplinary engine forward. The creation we take on is not just an interactive game but also the grammar of the piece, which brings together fiction and reality for the same surface: the real-time one.

The old image of being loved is a show that does not exist because it was denied by the tenderness of someone forgotten by the world.

Created and Performed by: Ana Gil, Nuno Leão and Oscar Silva
Co-Produced by Terceira Pessoa

Part of Sprint Festival 2016: London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from across the UK and beyond.

Catch The Old Image of Being Loved in a double bill with Invisible Guest on the same evening. Two shows for just £16!

About the Artist


Oscar Silva holds a BA in Acting from The Lisbon Theatre and Film School. In 2013 he was a Post-Graduate student at the Communication and Arts School of the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). He is founder of Sr. João theatre company. His work is grounded in theatre performance as a deviser, director and playwright.

In cinema he worked with André Godinho and David Bonneville.

Between 2010 and 2014 he lived in Sao Paulo, performing a wide number of different works in theatre, performance, education and cinema. Worked with Mauricio Paroni de Castro, was associated artist of Os Satyros where he developed shows as a performer, writer and assistant director. Along 2012-2014 he was the SP Drama School’s director assistant where he was responsible for several pedagogical and artistic projects. In 2015, he directed several works in Portugal and Spain. Nowadays he is fellow of the GDA Foundation and he is finishing his MA degree in Performance Practice at the University of the London Arts – CSM.


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