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Fri 25 March at 7.15pm

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Presented by Orion Maxted, Margo van de Linde, Chiara Wilde & Augusto Corrieri

[THE MACHINE] is formed by people continually reproducing and mutating each other’s words and gestures according to an algorithm. Output becomes input creating a continual live feedback-loop and the potential for complex behaviour to emerge from simple rules. By applying algorithmic transformations to everyday language [THE MACHINE] produces a different output each time it is performed, and is constantly evolving new structures.

In this computer the human components playfully destabilise the discontinuity between nature and machine; asking in what ways we are, in our language, our subjectivities, our societies, our bodies, our collectivities – conglomerations of machines or algorithms. And by the same token, how machines are extensions of us, and so of nature.

[THE MACHINE] presents existential vertigo; a proposition for thinking together; and a roller-coaster of language, imagination and shifting subjectivites – and aims to be at once thought provoking, oddly entertaining, unsettling and potentially useful. It is a laboratory for the creation of new modes of thinking together; a system for navigating the space of possibility; testing new systems of thought, new subjectivities, new ideas, new worlds.

The performers are Augusto Corrieri, Margo van de Linde, Orion Maxted and Chiara Wilde.

Part of Sprint Festival 2016: London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from across the UK and beyond.

Catch [THE MACHINE] in a double bill with The Best of Both Worlds: A Busker’s Opera on the same evening. Two shows for just £16!

About the Artist

Orion Maxted (UK, 1977) first studied computing before being seduced by electronic music. From there he studied music and performance and made choreographies of objects and language.  One of his primary areas of interest is the intersection of complex systems together with language, subjectivity, and musicality. He is known for making works that are simultaneously conceptually complex, thought provoking and accessible to a wide audience.

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