The Last Temple

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Sat 30 Jan at 9.00pm (45-60mins)

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Part of Whose London Is It Anyway?, a festival of theatre, performance and discussion exploring the changing face of our capital city.

Presented by SoundBoxed Collective

Now London, I want you to take your minds out of this god damn city.
 You will one day find your congregation.
You will one day find your concentration.

SoundBoxed Collective welcome you to London’s first ever pop-up temple… come construction site.

 The Last Temple takes the idea of ‘pop-up’ in to the realms of the sacred – creating temporary temples around London in alternative theatre/art venues and spaces. The performance is inspired by and structured around the format of a concept album, it blends industrial and liturgical music, as well as drum rhythms from South African kwaito and dub-step forms. Exploring the changing face of London, SoundBoxed Collective create a chilling and wild reflection of the city’s living quality, housing, money, and people.

Led through by the warm, honey vocals of J#r#miah (do we dare say his name?!), the audience will witness and take part in the rise and fall of THE KAREN.

THE KAREN represents Greed in it’s pure form. 
And we, the people, must ask : What is the remedy? 
Does the city survive under intense pressure, stolen time, stolen money – who’s truly happy? 
How do the people find their equilibrium and their community?

SoundBoxed Collective create temporary communities with audiences that encourage the feeling of unity, questioning themes of belonging, questioning – what do we own in this city if not property?

The Last Temple smashes together a bold blend of spoken word, heavy backbeats and physicality.

Catch The Last Temple in a double bill with Cuncrete (5.30pm), or This Is Private Property (7.15pm). Two shows for just £16!

About the company

SoundBoxed Collective are a group of theatre-makers and musicians based in London. The company showcase performances that meld striking and evocative sound structures with physical dynamism, dark comedic characters and gentle beguiling methods of audience inclusion. SoundBoxed Collective’s work blurs the boundaries between theatre and live music gigs for theatre and non-theatre spaces.

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