Camden Fringe: The Land Of Her

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Mon 5 August 2019 at 7.15pm

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Part of Camden Fringe 2019: London’s Alternative to Edinburgh Fringe. To view the rest of the programme, click here

We will sell tickets on the door from one hour before the event is due to start, subject to availability. 

Presented by Natasha Sturgis & Ivy Lamont

Natasha Sturgis presents a work reflecting upon the aesthetics of the female body in dance. In an industry which enjoys itself as an imaged based art form, are female dancers capable of achieving a state of comfort and emotional resilience in the profession that they love, despite its notoriously critical ideals? Sensorially atmospheric and physically dynamic this work will be in collaboration with video and animation designer Stephanie Balchin.

Ivy Lamont investigates into the world’s obsession with external beauty. Questioning whether our society really allows us to be who we are, and exposing the dark truth behind the media. Happiness comes from the outside in as we’re so often sold, but just how far are we willing to go? This intriguing new work fuses elements of physical comedy with theatre and dance to illuminate upon distortions in humanity and the devastation they can cause.

The damaging power of image and media will be explored through dance, movement and mime.

About the Company

Natasha is London based dancer and choreographer, with performance and choreographic credits in Sydney, Shanghai, Berlin, Israel and London. Ivy aims to create a language with an emphasis on physical storytelling through dance and theatre. Drawing on elements of physical comedy and integrating music and sound at it’s core.


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