The Great Cat Massacre

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Fri 15 March 2019 at 9pm

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£8 (work-in-progress)

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Part of Sprint Festival 2019, CPT’s annual festival of adventurous new performance, running Tuesday 5 – Sunday 24 March.

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Paris (1730)

Shop workers, struggling with extortionate hours and low wages, executed their masters’ pampered cats in one of the first workers’ protests.

London (2018)

You know the story – if you’re lucky you live with parents or pay over 50% of your income to rent a shoebox, you work odd hours in three jobs (when you can get them), £34,000+ of debt, and there’s no solution currently in sight.

And we’re told this is fair and our choice. We don’t think we were ever told this. We don’t think there was another option.

Last Word present an irreverent, absurdist exploration of late-stage capitalism and how history repeats itself. Why is one of the richest countries in this state? Why are we obsessed with money? Is avocado consumption really the issue here?

“Poverty is a political choice” – Philip Alston (UN Report of Austerity)

About the company

Last Word are a collective of LAMDA artists who present work focused on social change and under-represented voices. Previous work has included The Invisible Condition about NHS mental health care, and work by disabled and immigrant theatre makers.

Shortlisted for Deutsche Bank Creative Enterprise Award. Supported by the European Theatre Convention.

Twitter: @lastwordcompany | #GreatCatMassacre

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