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Sat 16 Sep at 9pm

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£12 / 10 (conc)

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Part of Come As You Are, a three-week festival interrogating and celebrating gender from cis to trans, from binary to beyond. The festival runs from Tue 12 Sep – Sun 1 Oct. Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two different shows on the same night for just £16! Simply add the tickets into your basket and we’ll do the rest.

Presented by House of Idiot


The FEMS: a garish explosion of flamingo monsters who come to party, to play and to destroy toxic masculinity.

This flock of glittering outcasts, fresh from the sequinned swamp, present a kamikaze cabaret and monstrous melodrama. THE FEMS – terrifying embodiments of femininity – take us on a glittering tour to show that “sometimes it’s hard to be a Fem” – but the alternative is even grimmer.

A parent seeking advice from a minister about his effeminate son, a bacchanal Women’s Institute meeting and a text from a ‘neomasculinity’ blog: THE FEMS skewer hypocrisies and hate with series of blasphemous and boisterous sketches – while probing themselves and their audience for their own femphobia.

THE FEMS (which are “Fem”, “Femme” or any derivation that fills the glittering space between the poles of perceived gender) are a bouffon chorus of unashamedly evil clowns. They combine the skills of our collective (spanning performance artists to musical theatre), the fun and fierceness of our strange play, and the topical relevance of a world of bathroom policing and gendered Lego.

A singular riotous, vicious, silly choral piece musing on masc vs. fem culture and the systems that keep this perfidious framework in place.

“Exciting, interesting, daring, mad, bonkers, touching, and really bloody brilliant” – Joe Boylan, Barrel Organ

“Slapstick simplicity… set the audience alight” – House of Phag

“Serene, demure, and just a little bewildered” – The Public Reviews

About the company

The FEMS, conceived and directed by Jonathan Richardson, are professional performers and interested bodies drawn from the Arcola Queer Collective and London Clown School. They use Bouffon, the satirical theatre of the grotesque, to reflect back stereotypical negative perceptions of femininity against mainstream society and the gay culture ‘ghetto’.

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