The Cave of Adventures

Dates and Times

13 July 2014 to 13 July 2014 at 7pm

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Tickets are available from our centre reception at Acland Burghley School between 2pm and 5pm on Saturdays or you can email [email protected]

Join us on an adventure through a magical cave as we encounter magical creatures! It started as a simple sleepover with friends when the group decided to play a game of 13 dares. If you ended up on the number 13 you had to perform a dare. As with games like this, it starts innocent enough and then it escalates!

The group find themselves trapped within an old cave, which to the untrained eye is very dull, dark and cold. But what lies within the cave is anything but…


About the company

Theatretrain Camden has been running classes in singing, dance and drama for over 7 years and has performed locally, nationally and internationally during this time. Our latest performances include the O2 Arena in 2013 and Disneyland Paris in 214. Now we bring it home with a fantastic show completely written by the students themselves. They were given the theme of escape and we then chose music from Disney (to coincide with our trip to Disneyland Paris earlier this year) to fit with the story. Next term we are planning to record a music video! For more information call 07724 433914.

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