The Brand Nouveau Initiative: The Book of Actions

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3-4 May 2019 at 7:15pm, 4:30pm, 9pm

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£8 (work-in-progress)

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Part of The Brand Nouveau Initiative; Nouveau Riche’s new attachment scheme that aims to nurture and develop the next generation of theatre practitioners.

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Presented by Nouveau Riché

“It’s a short road from getting kicked out of school to ending up here [prison}”

A young man caught in the prison system is challenged by the version of himself he must become in order to survive.

New prisoner, Aaron, attempts to rehabilitate himself whilst never fully being able to run away from his past. Rival gangs, prison feuds and the constant threat of violence, continually pull Aaron away from his primary objective to leave behind his criminal past and return to his daughter. Darius, who is coming to the end of his 15-year duty, befriends Aaron and in time the two realise that they share a common enemy.

The Book of Actions hopes to tell the stories behind the statistics and focus on the common experiences of young Black men caught up in the justice system. The piece will explore such issues as poverty, mental illness, and school inclusion, reflecting on how when mounted together they form a bridge to the prison system

About the festival

The Brand Nouveau Initiative is Nouveau Riche’s new attachment scheme that aims to nurture and develop the next generation of theatre practitioners, collaborating with each other to create exciting brand new work.

The Brand Nouveau initiative is a group of the best emerging artists ready to take the next step in their careers. The scheme provides opportunities to expand their networks, receive first-class mentoring from their award-winning team and benefit from a creative space, time research opportunities and free tickets to London theatre productions.

The work created from this process will culminate in the inaugural Brand Nouveau Festival.

Ab0ut the artist

Nouveau Riché is an exciting, diverse, multi-award-winning creative movement, headed by a team of performance artists. Discovering, nurturing and producing unique stories from all walks of life, NouveauRiché makes culturally inclusive work that is educational and entertaining, across all art forms. | Twitter: @infonvrch| Instagram:  @nvrchuk| #BrandNouveauInitiative2019 #BNI19

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