The Black Cat

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Wed 15 March at 9pm

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£8 (work in progress)

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Presented by LaPelle’s Factory


“Who has not, a hundred times, found himself committing a vile or a silly action,
 for no other reason than because he knows he should not?”

The Black Cat is a renegade retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s macabre short story.

It deconstructs and dismembers the process of adaptation by updating a classic, questioning authorship, and blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Here’s the premise.  Enigmatic writer Mufaro Makubika has adapted Poe’s original text and he’s handed his script to LaPelle’s Factory.  They’re subsequently taking merciless liberties with it.  They’re creating an adaptation of an adaptation, which is irreverent, sparky, knowing – and has a seriously bad attitude towards classic gothic literature.  Like a madman taking out his rage on a helpless pet, it deviates well beyond Poe’s original words.  It upends the sanctity of the text, pushing beyond its limits and picking apart the very process of rewriting a well-known tale.

The work is bold in its simplicity, staged with just two performers, a couple of scripts, a bottle of cheap Prosecco and the rockiest of onstage relationships.  On the one hand this is a show about violence; on the other it’s a metatheatrical show that thrills in shifting forms, shattering illusions and being incredibly cheeky.

LaPelle’s Factory are well known for performing with fully-aware glints in their eyes.  Here they slip in and out of role with grace and ease, chatting freely to their audience between scenes – however, slowly but surely, the line between performer and character disappears, and we tumble towards a catastrophic final act.

If you get a kick out of reimagined classics, murky and mysterious plot-lines, or just hilariously dark contemporary theatre, then this show is a must see.

The Black Cat is gravely good fun.

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Image credit – Julian Hughes

Audience feedback from Derby Theatre

“Totally engaging as always”

“Just loved it. This piece was incredible”


“Fresh and different”

“Great, dark, twisted and mysterious. Fab”

“The comedy intensified the serious parts and vice versa. It was great”

“Love the humour. Sarcasm is bang on!! Love it!!”

About the company

We make weird theatre. We laugh at ourselves and pick on each other. We create flights of fancy that tear up what is and take a punt on what could be. We re-imagine and recycle, tying ourselves in knots and trying not to overthink it. We question expectations, relationships and modern ideals – to entertain, tease and cause a bit of trouble. | @LaPellesFactory

This is a work-in-progress performance, and the show is still in the process of being created. There is an opportunity for you to feedback to the artists, which will be used to further develop the piece. 

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