The Big Bang #1

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19 September 2015 to 19 September 2014 at 7.30pm

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Part of Calm Down, Dear 2015

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Welcome to the first Big Bang of Calm Down, Dear 2015: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge… These jam-packed platforms have been among the highlights of previous festivals: the place to see wild & wonderful new projects take their first steps, alongside short, sharp performances that deliver their fix of feminism in one intense hit. At this year's Calm Down, Dear, you've got three to choose from, and on the first bill, we offer you:

MUVVAHOOD by Libby Liburd

MUVVAHOOD is one-woman monologue, collated from interviews, telling a story of single motherhood in 2015. It explores specific issues surrounding single motherhood – primarily from the perspective of young, working-class mothers. It is particularly topical in the “age of austerity” when the most vulnerable members of society are facing hardships not seen in decades. 



Eat the Cake by Roxanne Carney

As a woman and a soon-to-be Auntie, Roxanne is shocked by the way our daughters are exposed to violent and accessible pornography. Eat the Cake is semi-autobiographical. It draws inspiration from Roxanne’s teenage idols, the romanticising of violence in sex and loneliness. Expect glitter, crap Coke and an ode to Beyonce.



Women in Agony by Eliza Soroga

A cross-artistic collaboration between performance artist Eliza Soroga and videographer Elisa Fonta, in which a female crowd on a busy Sunday afternoon in Oxford Circus gather between two roads, form a circle and scream. This recorded performance makes a comment on how the fashion industry makes people feel. It's also about screaming out the anger that evolves from the hectic rhythms of living in central London. Aaaaaaaaa!



Lady Lust by Sarah Hamilton-Baker 

A one-woman show about sex, and a bit about porn. Please don’t stop reading (unless you are a family member or Sarah’s boyfriend’s mum). It is driven by worry and guilt. It’s an attempt to be honest. Sarah will talk about sex. There will be boobs. It won’t be a lecture!



Objectify Me by Vera Boitcova

There are two women sitting at the table, holding hands. One of them is a mannequin. One of them is perfect. One of them is alive. Which one is a ‘proper woman’? A dialogue about Russian standards of female beauty and notions of being a ‘proper woman’.


The Gran Show by Viki Browne

On 6th December 2014 Viki read The Sunday Telegraph magazine in the Prince of Wales Hospice. She knew three things:
1. that her dog was dead
2. that her gran would soon be dead
3. that The Sunday Telegraph magazine was about all three of them.

The Gran Show is the beginning of a performance about finding meaning when all that’s left to hold on to is a 106-page right-wing newspaper supplement. Viki will try on her gran's hopes, dreams and wishes for her, working out what she will inherit and what she will leave behind.


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