Stupid Zoo

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Thu 22 March at 8pm

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Part of Sprint 2018, CPT’s annual festival of adventurous new performance. The festival runs from Mon 5 – Sat 24 March. Take advantage of our triple bill ticket offer, and book three different shows on the same night for just £18! Each show runs for 30 minutes – simply add the tickets to your basket and we’ll do the rest.

Presented by Paper Whale Theatre

Inspired by late-night animal documentaries and badly-made puppets, this is Nature’s own sideshow.

Stupid Zoo is a platform for all those creatures who were not mainstream enough to make it onto Planet Earth. Too ugly, too sexy, too boring, this is a managary of delightful freaks concocted to amuse, bemuse and… moose.

Are you ready to be seduced by the mating-dance moves of the Giant Aroused Pigeon of Paradise? To meet the Screaming Moth? To be pleasantly disgusted by Ian the Hungry Maggot?

This show is a joyful tribute to PVA glue and the sticky-fingered child existing within all of us. The function of every-day objects is reinterpreted in order to create ludicrous creatures and paradoxical worlds, celebrating the creative potential hidden in the ordinary.

Continuously oscillating between subtle beauty and downright ridiculousness, this show is for us a fierce reaction to over-thought theatre and the dominance of concepts over playfulness. It’s the loud and out-of-tune song of the village idiot. It’s meaningless joy over meaningful boredom.

Also, my mum says it’s a good show and that we are good actors.

About the company

Paper Whale Theatre (Domenico Trombetti and Saskia Solomons) is a new international company based in Yorkshire. We believe in a non-verbal, visual theatre. Influenced by the Poor Theatre tradition, our aesthetic relies on the use of found or recycled materials. Stupid Zoo is our first show as a devising duo.

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Image credit (c) Coralie Datta

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