The Student Lock Festival

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Mon 5th June at 7pm, 8pm & 9pm

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The Student Lock Festival is an exciting new festival showcasing the best original productions being created by young, up and coming artists. The works that will be performed this year have been chosen to celebrate young female artists. All are about women, by women, for women.

Full line up below:

7.00 – 7.45pm

Typofrenetics by Project QWERTY

“The typewriter is especially adapted to feminine fingers. They seem to be made for typewriting. The typewriting involves no hard labour and no more skill than playing the piano.”  – John Harrison, Manual of the Typewriter, 1888 

This performance takes the keyboard and other word-processing devices – milestones of women’s liberation – to explore the legacy and influence of technology in women’s labour.

Tracking the history of the keyboard from typewriter to shared online documents, we question how women’s labour was and is exploited by technological advancements, offering our own radical interactions with these devices to resist narratives of erasure effected by traditional histories of technology.

Through a series of performative vignettes, we activate the keyboard in physical and virtual spaces, subverting its traditional text-oriented function to produce sound, movement, visual projections, seeking ways to destroy, rebuild, restructure and rewrite women presence in history.

Our associates in Barcelona – connected to the live performance via Skype – will provide source inputs
which we will output in the performance space. Playing with connecting and disconnecting the body to/from the machine, we escalate to information overload, in order to point to women’s alienation from their own skills and labour.

Our international network of women curates chaotic strategies to produce radical juxtapositions, frenetic physicalities and hysterical connexions. It seems, in fact, that we were made for typing.

About the company

Project QWERTY emerges from curiosity, and it is with this element in mind that it becomes natural for us to share this project with any many people as possible. We have never considered the work as our own, but it belongs to everyone who participates, watches and/or gives their opinion.

Under this mission we have shared our ideas and processes to build installations, sonic performances, online interventions and creative workshops.

#ProjectQWERTY | #Typofrenetics

8.00 – 8.45pm

Underline by Just Little Girls

Are there any precautions you take for your safety? If so, why do you take them?
When do you feel most vulnerable when traveling on public transport?
What would make travelling on public transport more comfortable for you?

These are just some of the questions Underline investigates. The exploration of different individual’s
attitudes towards their safety and comfort on public transport is at the crux of the performance. Underline speaks to the individual as it addresses our everyday experiences in both moving and humorous ways. This work in progress combines the practices of both dance theatre and documentary theatre in order to create a visually stimulating and political performance. In the amalgamation of these practices the company have formed new performance techniques which merge the voices of the performer with the testimonies, and this technique will be premiered for the first time at the Camden People’s Theatre. Through the use of original music, Underline showcases the original testimonies on stage whilst enhancing them with a combination movement and spoken text.

About the company

Just Little Girls is a Theatre Company directed by Sophie Escobar and Claire Leith. The company aim to explore women’s experiences through a variety of contemporary theatre practices. For the past two years, they have created experimental theatre from their debut production of Underline, to a scratch night performance involving mayonnaise. 

Watch the trailer | Facebook | #UnderlineJLG

9.00 – 9.45pm

Taking Care/The Water Works by Jump The Puddle

“Recovery is the best revenge.”

Taking Care/The Water Works explores the 5 stages of recovery: denial, anger, depression, reorganisation and progression. This work in progress is a visual response to a real and personal experience of trauma – my experience recovering from rape.

1 in 4 women will experience some kind of sexual assault in their lifetime. As a society we don’t talk about it enough. We are too scared to talk about it. Even after everything, we often can’t find the right words to talk about it. Taking Care/The Water Works aims to invite you the audience to reflect.Creating a safe space through installation, water, projection and performance, together we will consider trauma, our inability to talk about ‘it’ and the stages needed to be taken from recovery.

About the company

Jump The Puddle is a collection of artists from Royal Holloway university who believe art should be for everyone. We were fed up of being told we weren’t ‘good enough’ to perform. So we started making things. Previous shows include Can You Hear Me?, a site specific audio piece, and Ella Hickson’s Eight.

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