[Cancelled] Starting Blocks Showcase 2020

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Sat 28 March 2020 at 7pm

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£12/£10 (concession)

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Due to government advice relating to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event is no longer taking place. 

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Starting Blocks offers the opportunity to create new theatre work with the support of Camden People’s Theatre, as part of a peer network that encourages collaboration and engagement between participating artists.

Over ten weeks, these selected artists meet weekly to share practice, ideas and their developing works. They are also given space to develop their project and practice. The scheme runs from January to March 2018, allowing time for the participants to develop works-in-progress performances.

This event is the showcase of their work.

Some Other You by Adam Lenson
‘When bad things happen you question your choices. Am I living the right life? Did I choose the right me? Did you choose the right you?’
When Adam gets diagnosed with cancer he starts to wonder if there’s a better him elsewhere. After all, he was once studying to be a doctor. Would that doctor be living a better life? In this collision of gig, lecture and memoir, Adam moves through time and memory to ask why are we here and how do we learn to embrace the life we have instead of wondering about the life we don’t. @adamlenson

Monster by Appetite Theatre
What if somebody told you there was a monster under their bed? What would it take for you to believe them? @gracearjoseph

A Swan Song for Home by Fran, Kat & Perdita
Helen is content with her own company. Home is her best friend. When her landlord sells up she is forced to leave her South London flat and move back in with her parents. As she packs up her little slice of utopia she is left wondering whether she is alone or lonely, and what home even means. @franbushe

S/He Breathe/S by HIT THE GROUND
A meta-spiritual, afro-futuristic, queer adventure fusing dance, video, sound & storytelling. The story of SHE: our descendant, surviving a world destroyed by pollution and state violence, SHE calls upon her ancestors for protection. But, some shit needs to be dismantled first… @hitthegroundtc @LateishaDLH

When We Are Physicists by Miranda Prag
This is a show about time, and whether we could live without it. Miranda’s life so far has been ruled by clocks and calendars. But what would happen if she started ignoring them? What would happen if we all did? And what IS time anyway? @MirandaPrag

Four Hundred Vlogs by The Peaceful Defeat
We decided were going to watch the entire Logan Paul YouTube channel, and make a show out of it. Four hundred videos later, we’re starting to regret that decision. Part trash culture documentary and part delirious video fantasy, a new show about media, loneliness, and watching and watching and watching. @peacefuldefeat

Image of Suffolk in Colour by Tom Chamberlain & Jack Tricker, featured in Starting Blocks 2019. Image credit (c) Jose Farinha,

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