Sprint: Ur Rain I Um

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29 March 2014 to 29 March 2014 at 9pm

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A gig/lecture by Greg McLaren about nuclear energy, dangerous technology and the death of the cowboy, concluding in an atom smashing party.  Bring an Atom (e.g a piece of throwable fruit).

A one-off performance emitted during research on the Atomkraft project.

Greg McLaren makes theatre, performance, live art, and many things in between. He is a former artistic director of Stoke Newington International Airport, and his work has been shown at Soho Theatre, Riverside Studios, National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum, ICA, BAC, and internationally in Tokyo, Seoul, NYC, Lahore, Austin TX, Vittoria, and Berlin. His shows Doris Day Can Fuck Off and A Symphony for Audience and Performer were staged at Sprint 2012.


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