Sprint: The Privileged

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14 March 2015 to 15 March 2014 at 7.30pm (7pm on Sunday 15 March)

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Part of Sprint 2015

  • Spend the evening at CPT and take advantage of our double bill ticket offer – see two shows for just £18! Catch My Death at 9pm alongside The Privileged on Sunday 15 March.

Presented by Jamal Harewood 

The Privileged is a solo participatory performance event that explores race, community and the identity of the working-class citizen within today’s society.

Have you ever seen a polar bear in the flesh? Been close enough to notice just how white these magnificent mammals are? Remove your shoes, coats and bags, as you are about to encounter the Arctic’s whitest apex predator, with black skin. This is a limited capacity work for up to 30 people that places you at the centre of the action.

“What begins apparently playfully becomes an extraordinary charged and disturbing meditation on cultural stereotypes and perceptions and fears relating to the black male… Searing and thoughtful” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian 

About the artist 

Jamal Harewood is a solo artist who creates temporary communities, through participatory events. He believes that these events should be a playful experience that allows everyone to get involved.

@Harewooo | www.harewooo.com

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