Sprint: Passing the baton night

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26 March 2014 to 26 March 2014 at 7.30pm

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£12 / £10 (conc)

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Featuring No Milk for the Foxes by Beats + Elements, and How to Drown a Fish by Grace Gibson

As part of our year-long [email protected] birthday celebrations, Passing the baton sees ten great CPT artists from the past select ten new-to-CPT artists to bring work to our theatre. Selectors include: David Harradine (Fevered Sleep), Robert Pacitti (SPILL festival), Lucy Ellinson, (Grounded, Gate Theatre), Scottee, and more. Tonight, the first two Passing the baton commissions have their first work-in-progress performances…

No Milk from the Foxes has been selected and will be introduced by CPT co-director Brian Logan, whose company Cartoon de Salvo performed their first show at CPT in 1998.

"Since when did ‘salt of the earth’ become ‘scum of the earth’? Using MC’ing and beatboxing skills, two friends discuss whether it’s more important to aspire to a higher status, or accept your lot. Are those shiny earrings a mark of your personal style, glamour and beauty, or a record of your personal trauma?" No Milk for the Foxes interrogates class representation, asking questions about status, aspiration and standards using spiky language, humorous theatricality and bags of charisma to directly challenge audiences and their beliefs. Beats+Elements is a first-time collaboration between Paul Cree and Conrad Murray.

How to Drown a Fish has been selected and will be introduced by Lynne Kendrick, Senior Lecturer in Drama at Central School of Speech and Drama, and a founding member of CPT, where she produced and directed several early productions.

How to Drown a Fish is a devised solo performance inspired by a moment of failure, and it aims to dissect the point when it all goes wrong. Examining themes such as public embarrassment and recovery, the show asks: when it all seems to fall apart, how do we keep going? Grace Gibson recently graduated from the MA in Advanced Theatre Practice at Central School of Speech and Drama. Her show Nailhouse appeared the Rag Factory in 2013.

How to drown a fish

Off stage a cassette is taken out of its box and put into the player. The music crackles and she bounds onto stage. She notices the woman who resembles a Bichon Frisé and the sign above the audience telling her to smile. With hairspray in her saliva, she dances on an uneven herringboned floor. The air is wet, her hair drips.  
She is drowning in a moment.

Photo by Isabel Taylor

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