Sprint: One on One Night

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21 March 2015 to 21 March 2014 at 7pm

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Part of Sprint 2015

Building on the success of last year's Sprint one-on-one night – which unleased Aaron Reeves' Dead Arise (on an unsuspecting world – our night of intimate and interactive performance returns. This year's lineup features Robert Clark, Eve Leigh, Black Shoe (with a durational piece in the theatre space), Suitcase Civilians and more.

Your ticket gains you entry to minimum 4 one-on-one pieces, and there will also be durational work happening throughout the evening. Slots will be allocated on the night, so please arrive in good time if you're keen to see a specific piece. 

Your Future by Eve Leigh

Traditional palm reading goes to strange new places. An opportunity to hold hands with a stranger for twenty minutes, and think about the future. Your Future is a one-on-one experiment in intimacy, goofiness, and a sneaky kind of magic. Getting your palm read is a strange experience: exploring your unspoken assumptions about yourself and the world, and the way those limit and define you.  It’s never the same twice – why would it be, when every hand (and every future) is different?

Chapter One by Black Shoe (durational)

Chapter One incorporates and plays with live automatic writing/diary writing, which usually tends to take place in privacy and creates an extension of the personal, a space of processing and digesting experiences, thoughts and ideas. The work encourages risk-taking, making the private public, testing and contesting issues of honesty within acts of disclosure.

Happiness Treatments by Robert Clark

Are you happy? Would more money help? A hug from a stranger?

This is a dance show for joy, for simple pleasures, for saying ‘no’ to people who want to tell us what should or should not make us happy; and to endless promises of happiness alluding to a world just out of reach.

Un/Bound by Eve Parmiter

“It’s time. Fight night is here. Your fight night. The ring, the crowd, and opponent are waiting, as is your win, inside the ring. But… what if this challenge isn’t quite what it seems? It’s time to meet The Coach.”

This is about that one thing that you deeply want to do but can’t find it within yourself to. We all have one – that one thing that haunts you – that is the hero’s biggest test. How do you get over what’s holding you back?

Re: Memory by Suitcase Civilians

We all relive our memories from time to time. But why – what do we gain from revisiting the past? What is the thrill, the eroticism, the desire for remembering that we are both so fascinated and so violated by? Part one-to-one and part group encounter, Re: Memory challenges the way we share our memories, from the deeply private to the very public. With every audience member helping to write the show they will experience, we invite you on a slightly terrifying – but mostly exciting – leap between ‘then’ and ‘now.’

Song to my Intestines by Weronika Cegielska

How much is hair worth, and what would you be willing to swap yours for? Song to my intestines is a hair workshop by choreographer and performer Weronika Cegielska provoking discussion about the value of hair, both the dead and the living kind.

The Stand In by Art Of Disappearing

The Stand In (pictured) takes a wry look at the role and physicality of the actor. Taking two willing audience members at a time the work shifts the balance between performer and audience, asking participants to become the watched. As you take part in this collaborative experience, you can find out just what type of performer you are and what type of performance you and your fellow stand in will make.

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