Sprint: My death

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15 March 2015 to 15 March 2014 at 8.30pm

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Part of Sprint 2015

  • Spend the evening at CPT and take advantage of our double bill ticket offer – see two shows for just £18! Catch The Privileged at 7pm alongside My Death.

Presented by Theodora van der Beek

My Death is a comic tragedy ­ – an existential crisis recounted in a variety of performance styles including opera, clowning and conceptual dance. It explores the human condition, gender construction and  performance. Using interplay between recorded and live sound, a dummy of herself and a rail of  costumes, the character tells her story in scenes real, remembered and imagined.

In this Facebook profile / selfie culture, it’s increasingly possible (in some  teenage circles, necessary) to carefully structure the image you present to the world. To ­ enter into a  competition in which appearing not to be taking part in the competition becomes part of the game. My Death is a reaction to that, a parody of  the lengths people go to to appear a certain way, without thinking about who they actually are.  But it's also just  another part of this culture of appearing: the modern day expression of Kafka’s assertion that all  his writing was the childish desire to imagine his own funeral and see how sorry people were that  he had gone.

About the artist

Theodora is a writer and performer based in London. For the last ten years, she has been devising, performing and writing work for experimental theatre companies including: Living Structures, The  House of Fairy Tales, The Royal Society for the Pursuit of Lovebirds, Studio Yes, Colectivo Ultima  Hora (Mexico City), Secret Cinema, Lost Lectures, and the You Me Bum Bum Train. 



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