Sprint: I wish you were here

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12 March 2015 to 12 March 2014 at 9pm

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Part of Sprint 2015 

  • Spend the evening at CPT and take advantage of our triple thursdays ticket offer – see three shows for just £18! Catch Dante Undone at 7 pm and Scary Shit at 8pm alongside I Wish You Were Here.

Presented by Nathan Birkinshaw
Suitable for ages 16+

A comical look at loss, love and loneliness and what it means to let things go.

Blending performance, comedy, video and movement, Nathan picks at the heartstrings as if playing the washboard. Mixing personal and fictitious narratives, he would like you know he’s sorry, he doesn’t want to be alone anymore, and he’d like to know what love is.

Special thanks to Holbeck Underground Ballroom, 70/30 Split, Matthew Pearce, and an ex-girlfriend who can’t be named for legal reasons.

About the artist 

Nathan Birkinshaw is a performer and theatre-maker from Wakefield, creating work that’s honest and funny, with a mixed-media approach. He aims to pick out the absurdity in the notion of humanity and the crazy time were living in. 



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