Sprint: Good Riddance

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14 March 2015 to 15 March 2014 at Off-site performances at 5pm and 7pm.

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Part of Sprint 2015

Presented by Place and Means

Good Riddance will plunge you into an underworld of intrigue, crime, deception and pineapples. Join the hapless Tour Guide and his dubious assistant, Ari, for a not-so-informative tour of the city.

As the journey progresses and the tour begins to unravel you’ll be led astray, into a seething city of crime, deception, gang warfare, secrecy, thieving, drunkards, spies, pineapples and trickery. Along the way you’ll find clues and hidden messages which might help unlock secrets about the guides, and gain a fuller picture of the world into which you've plummeted.

Good Riddance takes its audience on a 60-minute walking tour, providing a unique experience for each audience member. Ask questions, follow hints and make decisions which could turn the tour on its head. Expect mystery, danger, deception and dark comedy. Dress for the weather. Wear comfortable footwear. Don’t trip. 

“Fascinating and enjoyable” – British Theatre Guide 
“A lovely evening. Quirky without being twee. A bit bonkers. Well done” – Shaun Glanville, Exec Director of Scottee Inc.
“I see this place every day but you opened it up in new ways” –  audience member, Jerusalem

About the company

Place and Means playfully explores walking, story-telling and audience interaction. We marry sustained improvisation and creative writing to make work which breaks down barriers, activates audiences and resists easy categorisation. Our work provokes audiences to experience and imagine their surroundings in new and startling ways.

@place_and_means | www.placeandmeans.co.uk

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