Sprint: Everything I bought and how it made me feel

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18 March 2015 to 18 March 2014 at 9pm

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Part of Sprint 2015 

  • Spend the evening at CPT and take advantage of our double bill ticket offer – see two shows for just £18! Catch The Preston Bill at 7:30pm alongside Everything I Bought and How it Made Me Feel.​


Presented by Harry Giles 

Harry's got a problem. Maybe you do too. He keeps buying things to feel better, but they just make him more miserable. So he started keeping a diary…

For a full year, Harry logged every transaction he made in painstaking public detail, charting his utter failure to come to a live-able compromise with consumerism. Now he's sharing what he's learned in a new stage show that dissects shopping until it all falls apart, asking just why we buy what we do. And is there any way to do it better? And how does all this really make us feel?

“Sublime, hilarious, joyous, painful, sweaty and moving, by turns. With astute analysis, Giles has captured in a carrier bag of till receipts the story of our lives: shopping, and how the hell we survive it” – Lucy Neal, Co-Founder, London International Festival of Theatre, on the scratch performance at New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Sept 2014

About the artist

Harry Giles is a a poet, performer and general doer of things whose work generally happens in the crunchy places where performance and politics get muddled up. His work has featured in the SPILL National Platform, and been programmed by festivals and venues including Ovalhouse, Forest Fringe and Sprint. Harry's show Class Act featured in Sprint 2013, and last year he took part in our Sprint One-on-One Night.

@harrygiles | www.everythingibought.tumblr.com | www.harrygiles.org


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