Sprint: Black Box

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20 March 2015 to 20 March 2014 at 9pm

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Part of Sprint 2015

  • Spend the evening at CPT and take advantage of our double bill ticket offer – see two shows for just £18! Catch Paradise at 7:30pm alongside Black Box.

Presented by Dirty Market.

BLACK BOX is a powerful, magical, creative game of theatre chance. Each performance experience is unique.

Walk through the red curtains into a world of mystery and chance. Choose from the deck of performance cards and follow the instructions to become part of a live theatrical game! 

Discover secret performance spaces, meditate on ‘audiencing’, pen personal material and watch it transform before your very eyes into live performance, experience provocations and a strange interconnectivity… be possessed.

BLACK BOX invites you to tear up the rule book, swap roles, break conventions, create chaos, make space, share something you’ve never told anyone, keep all your secrets…do something you’ve never done before.

Become a BLACK BOX initiate. Play with the destiny of the performance. Create something completely unique.

Once you buy a ticket, you can follow this link to the Black Box event page on our website.

Here you will be given a series of small tasks – one a day – nothing too taxing, just a way of preparing for the event. This will include instructions to generate performance material – whether you present this material or not, is entirely up to you. You are under no obligation to get up and ‘perform’ in any way, just by being there is enough, and there will be many different ways to take part – not just performing.

The objective of the night is to make something completely unique together…

We look forward to creating with you, Georgina and Jon xx


About the company

Dirty Market are theatre magpies, who make performances out of stuff that’s normally thrown away. They’ve made underground, scratchy work in crumbling chapels, an old abattoir, a disused sawmill, and an empty print works. Their work includes Oxbow Lakes (in association with CPT, 2013), Be Good Revolutionaries and Bacchaefull.


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